Tiny Teague’s 3D Photo Shoot

Tiny Teague was much more cooperative last Saturday when we made our second attempt for a 3D/4D ultrasound. The morning appointment (or the half-caf americano from Bold Bean Coffee) did the trick. Little Freddie was in a great position for photos, and very active. In case you didn’t know, the fourth dimension of a 3D/4D ultrasound is not smell (sorry, Garrett). It’s actually the dimension of time, so we watched him move around for a good 10-15 minutes of the appointment. In between, we counted toes, fingers, and re-confirmed he’s still a Frederick, not a Josephina. And, we fell even more in love with the little features that are so defined like his nose (still determining which parent he’ll get a huge nose from) and perfect little lips.

Freddie was hanging out in the “Frank breech” position, meaning he’s sitting in a V-shape with his feet next to his head. Little man is way more flexible than either of his parents! You can see the legs and feet in the upper right side of a couple of these photos. At 30 weeks, he’s  likely about 17 inches long and weighs three pounds. No wonder he’s all folded up in there — Mom doesn’t have much room for him to stretch out!

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Thank you to Sneak Peek Studios in Riverside for a great experience seeing our little man. The second appointment is included when the session doesn’t go as well as hoped. We recommend Sneak Peek for anyone in Jacksonville who is looking for a 3D/4D ultrasound experience. There’s plenty of room for family to come along, and the evening/weekend appointment times are perfect for working parents!

Tiny Teague’s 3D Photo Shoot

Dear Little Man (week 28)

Hey little buddy,
Guess who we got to see today…YOU! Feels like much longer than two months since we last saw you on an ultrasound, and learned you were a little man, so you can guess how excited your Dad and I were today. We met after work, and I drank a little Coca Cola with lots of ice on the drive in to hopefully wake you up and get you moving on camera.

Unfortunately, you were pretty sleepy and all curled up which made it hard to get many good views or pictures. I’m sure there will be plenty of times in the future that I just want to watch you sleep quietly but today was not one of those!


We were surprised to see you are in the breech position, with your head tucked up below my rib cage and curled up in a tiny baby-sized ball. Maybe that is what’s most comfortable for you when I’m at work all day, until I can stretch out horizontal. That would explain how I’m still feeling and seeing you up high. You weren’t too interested in moving but we did get you rolled over facing the camera enough to snap a couple photos. We also counted five fingers on your hands and got a good look at your feet, shoulders and spine. I’m in love with your full little lips and cute nose. Your dad and I have always joked about passing on either of our big noses, so no matter which side you take after, we are sorry.

We’ll try to see you again next weekend with the nice lady at Sneak Peek Studios. Hopefully in the morning you’ll be more active and less shy, especially with a little nudge from Bold Bean Coffee.

In the meantime, keep growing little bug, and don’t think about coming out anytime soon. You still have about 11 weeks to bake and your daddy and I have a very busy May planned. Starting with THE PLAYERS tournament here in Jacksonville, followed by a trip to Oregon to see all of your grandparents and more family & friends, and then I have to make one quick trip to NYC for work. And after all of that is crossed off, we’ll be able to set up your very own bedroom and be all ready for you to arrive. Right now your new things are taking over the dining room. It’s amazing how much stuff a new person needs, and we’re just getting started for you.

As I write this, you’ve been stirring and moving around, which I predicted as we watched you sleep earlier. Your rumblings are one of my favorite things, as I fall asleep to or wake up and enjoy them (and all those times in between). Better late than never, right buddy?


Dear Little Man (week 28)