Mighty Travels

Mats and I dominated our first solo long range trip together, mostly because he looks like this when he flies!

20130928-213438.jpgToday’s trip took us from Jacksonville all the way to Dublin, Ohio, site of this year’s Presidents Cup tournament. Along the way we knocked out his fifth and sixth states visited if you count airports (all before 12 weeks old!). I definitely was thinking in the last 24 hours that I had bitten off more I could chew. Garrett can attest to the tears and stress that hit hard last night as I faced packing both of us and the prospect of taking Mathias on my nine-day work trip, alone.

I shouldn’t have stressed so much. Between the two flights, we made friends, stretched and played together in the IAD airport (and mom even got to eat a little). Mats even got his first experience in first-class thanks to a United upgrade. Too bad it was literally a 44-minute flight! On both flights he did great, mostly sleeping and eating a little. Mainly though, he put up with my fumbling and cramming blankets and burp clothes and Boppy and baby in one single seat, with very little fuss. He’s now at the stage where he is aware of surroundings, so when I was moving through the airport (as long as we kept moving), he was content to watch everything around us with big open eyes.

I was so thankful the guardian angel I prayed for did appear in Columbus. Another mom, who was going home to see her one-year old after being gone for two weeks, was brilliant. She switched me seats on the plane, and then met us at baggage to help pull off all FOUR checked bags (three of them were for Mats. Just sayin’) and arrange them on a luggage cart, pointing me in the direction of the rental car garage.

It took me a little extra time to load in all our bags, install the car seat base and change Mats’ diaper before hitting the road, compared to last week when I went to Atlanta overnight on my own. But by the time I was steering a luggage cart into the hotel with one hand while packing Mats in his car seat in the other arm, I was thinking to myself, “Mats mom is a bad ass.” (I should have snapped a picture of the bags on the luggage rack!)

So now we’re settled into our hotel room, two beds and a crib and all of those bags we brought in a semi-organized fashion. I’m so grateful for a baby who loves to stretch out and watch, content with my talking to him as I criss-cross the room and sing along to our Raffi station on Pandora. We’ve both had our dinners and he fell asleep on his own tonight in the hotel crib. That alone is a huge win for the trip, and hop fill a good omen for the start, as I didn’t know how well sharing a single room with him was going to work.

Tomorrow morning we pick up Nonna (my mom) from the airport and will check out the golf course to get our bearings before the Presidents Cup week starts. If today was any indication it’s going to be a great week–not without its stressful moments–but one to build a ton of memories (and hopefully a few blog posts) to take away with us.

Mighty Travels

Catching up with Lately

Apologies for putting the blog on the back burner the past couple of months. May was our last “crazy” month, starting with Garrett’s final exams and THE PLAYERS Championship (though we did squeeze in time for a quick maternity photo session to capture the baby bump!).

Less than 36 hours after Tiger’s final putt dropped at TPC Sawgrass, Garrett and I were headed west. We flew directly into Central Oregon to spend a week with family. Actually, we saw both sides of our family, as our trip coordinated with Garrett’s parents and Mom2’s stop at the Wine Down Ranch during their Pacific NW road trip. We spent two nights all together at my parents’ place in Prineville before the Teagues continued onto Washington. We (the men) did a little ranch work, Garrett spent time with his two favorite Aussie Shepards and even did a little hiking!

On Friday, Garrett, Mom and I left for the Valley (ranch speak for Portland) for a weekend in celebration of Tiny Teague. On Saturday, my sister Alia and future sister-in-law Kirstyn teamed up to throw a wonderful baby shower full of family and friends. That party was followed by dinner and some needed catch-up-time with a few high school girlfriends. We also had a chance to spend quality time with my grandparents and see Fr. John at St. Patrick’s Church the next day.


Sunday was spent with my Beyer aunts and cousins, again showered with love, advice and presents for Tiny Teague. For the second day in a row, Garrett was the only guy surrounded by gaggles of women and girls, but he enjoyed seeing everyone who came to celebrate with us. We don’t get a lot of family time, so we both try to take advantage of as much as we can. Plus, he’s really good at making sure all the (delicious) food gets eaten!

We were so blessed by the generosity of our family and friends all weekend, and our suitcases were stuffed to the brim heading back to Jacksonville. I actually told myself I wouldn’t blog about the showers until thank you notes were done, which is partly why it’s taken me so long to get back here!

Author’s Note: we’re still waiting on Tiny Teague to decide if he wants to be a Firecracker baby (July 4), Buckeroo baby (still counts if he comes this weekend, right?), or wait for his own day after Nona (grandma Mary) arrives. Cross your fingers for earlier, rather than later!!

Catching up with Lately

Suitcase Plans, Take Two

Remember a few weeks ago, when I wrote about how my travel schedule went from zero to hero in a 10-day span?

No? Well then this might trigger a memory…

Why the passport?

There was one trip I didn’t put on that blog post, because I didn’t have the 100% non-refundable plane ticket in my hand yet. But I’m pretty sure they won’t take it away from me now.

Drumroll, please…

In two weeks from today, I’ll be landing in Melbourne, Australia for two weeks for The Presidents Cup. (WOOOO!)  

I’ll be running point on the social media coverage throughout the week, on both the Presidents Cup and PGA TOUR brands. I’m still pinching myself, because it’s an incredibly opportunity and I’m grateful to be added to the tournament team after so much planning has already gone into this event. It’s part of the reason my October has flown by so quickly — even though the PGA TOUR Playoffs completed last month, the strategy and preparation for Presidents Cup has overtaken any free time I may have gained in the (not-so) off-season.

I wouldn’t be doing my job, if I didn’t ask you to follow @PresidentsCup on Twitter and “like” the event on Facebook — but I’ll leave the rest of the work-related items off the blog at this point.

Who has tips, suggestions and friends in/around Melbourne that will come in handy over the two weeks that I’m down under? I extended my trip for a few days after the tournament finishes (runs Nov 15-20) and am hoping to drink wine, hold a koala, take a tour, and get some good runs in while I’m there. I’ll fly back Nov25, the day after Thanksgiving with a stop over in DFW (save me leftovers, Maria!) on my way back to Jax.

I really hope I can keep blogging before I leave, and even a note or two while I’m there (at least pictures!). But in case I don’t, leave a comment here or get in touch to share any tips or stories you have about Australia.

Suitcase Plans, Take Two

Honeymoon | Tuesday & Wednesday

Our honeymoon, in cliff notes and photos.
Previously: “Our Reality“,  Getting to Asheville and Monday at Biltmore.

<TUES> 3.15.11

Rainy day
Slept in

Tupelo Honey Cafe for lunch

Veggie sandwich & goat cheese grits for me. Grilled havarti & pimento with tomato soup for G

Massages and champagne at SpaTheology (no pictures of us in robes)

Double Decker coffee

a local coffee shop!
Honeymooners Inside the Bus

Fired Up pottery creations

Works of Art!
Pottery pieces ready to be fired

Lobster Trap dinner part deux (50 cent oysters)


50 cent oyster night at Lobster Trap. Yes, please!

Deep conversation about kids, family and good stuff.

<WED> 3.16.11

Blue Ridge Parkway adventure

Honeymooners on the Blue Ridge Parkway
Looking over a Blue Ridge Parkway Overlook

Road closed

Drove about 7 miles before having to turn around

Grove Park Inn

Grove Park Inn - Asheville, NC
Huge fireplaces in the Grove Park Inn

Mellow Mushroom for lunch

Mellow Dudes

Delayed Urban Trail adventure (too cold!)
Explored Lexington Ave.
Scalding coffee at City Bakery Cafe
Leftovers night (Pizza!)

One Mellow pizza fed us for three meals
Honeymoon | Tuesday & Wednesday

Honeymoon | Monday at the Biltmore

<MON> 3.14.11

G&L at Biltmore House

Biltmore Estate

Tulip sprouts in Biltmore Gardens

Gardens that will be beautiful in 2-4 more weeks
huge palms, scary cactus & cool orchids

Biltmore Conservatory
Several scary cacti
Beautiful orchids in bloom

Biltmore House: No photos, audio tour (now press 1 to begin your tour)
lots and lots of rooms

Intricate detail in Biltmore House entrance arch

Drive through Biltmore Estate
Antler Hill Village
WINERY tour & tastings (how many can we have?) and doodling

Farmer’s market fail (open, but just for wholesale)
Grocery store stop (keys relinquished; G done with city driving)
devoured chips & salsa

Attempted to go out for pub food
seated, not served
Walked some more
found Fiore’s
Great food, tiny booth, bread!!

Bachelor finale (local TV only)

Honeymoon | Monday at the Biltmore

Honeymoon | First Days

the Cliff Notes version…with photos to tell the real story

<SAT> 3.12.11

9.2 miles of Gate River Run
drive six hours
(Atlanta traffic!)
Pizza, Russ & Alice


Only photo from Atlanta

<SUN> 3.13.11

breakfast (The Flying Biscuit)
Marilyn & Elayna

Greenville: lunch, park, photos

Greenville lunch stop
Downtown Greenville, South Carolina
Honeymooners in Greenville

license plate game begins
driving through mountains


suitcase problems (zipper broke)
settling in at downtown condo
DirectTV problems (so begins a week with limited/no TV)

Downtown Condo. Home for the week
View of downtown Asheville from our 3rd story condo

Lobster Trap (two flights down via the condo elevator)
First local brews: Oysterhouse Moonstone Stout & French Broad Wee Heavier

Lobster Trap
First dinner: mussels, lobster pasta, succotash, beer & bread.

Loved each other

Honeymoon | First Days

the Honeymoon of our Reality

When G&I got married last September, we planned to wait until November to take a 9-day honeymoon to Costa Rica over Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, days before we were scheduled to leave, G was injured during an indoor soccer game. Injured meaning, two ER visits and two nights at St. Luke’s hospital while doctors monitored the swelling in his leg. He was released the day before our plane left for San Jose, and we cancelled the honeymoon of our dreams. [Note: He’s recovered fully, despite the scary injury!]

Once we were able to talk about a new honeymoon, we dubbed it “the honeymoon of our reality.” Costa Rica during spring break wasn’t in range anymore, so we looked for a spot within driving distance of Jacksonville that offered similar adventures and new places to explore. Asheville was a popular recommendation from friends the first time I posed the question on Twitter. After some Googling, I found that Asheville offers the white water rafting, zip lines and hiking we had been looking forward to doing in Costa Rica. There were cabins in the woods, fresh farm-to-table restaurants and the Biltmore Estate among the hills and mountains of Western North Carolina…so different than the typical Florida vacation!

Through VRBO.com (Vacation Rentals By Owner), I discovered and booked a downtown condo for the week of G’s spring break. March is too early to do a lot of the big adventure things we originally wanted to do, but we planned to at least see the Biltmore, drive the Blue Ridge Parkway, make spa appointments and take the Asheville Brews Cruise during our stay.

The honeymoon week, bookended by the Gate River Run 15K that I ran Saturday morning before we left and Corndog Day on the following Saturday. We detoured through Atlanta to say hi to friends, made an unplanned lunch stop in Greenville, SC on the way to Asheville, and then enjoyed five great days together — our first vacation getaway that was 100% ours.

We’ve recapped the honeymoon in cliff note style, which I’ll post throughout this week with some of our favorite pictures. Asheville and WNC are beautiful to explore, wonderful to visit and charming to experience. We’re already talking about going back as early as the summer…or at least on a future anniversary. Thanks everyone who gave us tips and hints, and pointed us to sights and tastes that made our trip so great.

UPDATE – click on the links below to read the series of posts about our big trip.

Honeymoon | First Days

Honeymoon | the Biltmore 


Honeymoon | Midweek

Final posts coming soon…




Honeymooners at the Biltmore
the Honeymoon of our Reality

Universal Kinda Weekend

Last Thursday, Garrett found out some friends from Texas were in Florida for summer vay-cay so we took them up on the offer to meet them in Orlando for the weekend. We drove down Friday night with plans to hit up the Icebar on I-Drive. Let me tell you, it was so cold! (duh) The parka/hooded fleece things they gave kept us somewhat warm, but after 40 mins in Ice my poor toes were very numb!

Saturday we hit up Universal Studios, with the new Wizarding World of l Harry Potter as our main goal. We learned a very important lesson that I will share, but only if you don’t get it my way next time! USE THE SINGLE RIDER LINE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE AT UNIVERSAL. Waiting 30-90 minutes to get on a rIde is a thing of the past with this tip. Even at the Harry Potter Forbidden Journey (castle) ride, the 90 minute posted wait was no more than 15 minutes for us using single rider. Oh, and try the Butterbeer (frozen if it’s hot). It’s sweet, yummy and only $4 a glass!

G and I both have annual passes to Universal’s parks through next summer now, and I’m looking forward to our next weekend getaway. Orlando & Universal was our first trip together a couple years ago and it was fun to reminisce with him about the whirlwind that has shaped us both since first started dating.

Universal Kinda Weekend

2009, Quickly

Taking a look back at my 2009 and the experiences that came with…
it was quite the year!

New Years in Fort Worth with the Teagues
Ate black eyed peas for good luck in the new year
Visited Janette in Orlando
Soccer concussion and head wound
Dallas Stars at Tampa Bay
Garrett leaves for six-month deployment on USS Klakring

John Legend with Silverios
Moved into Mirabella with Stacey
Launched Social Media Club Jax
Pirates Run 10k
Valentine roses from Garrett (my first, ever)
Tiger Woods returns to PGA TOUR
Alia visits Jax

Elton John & Billy Joel with sis
Gate River Run 15k
Corn Dog Day party
Tiger wins the Arnold Palmer Inv. on the 18th hole

Running the Blues 5k
Courtney’s bachelorette party
Surprise flower delivery <3
Easter with Mike and Maureen
Verizon Heritage at Hilton Head w/ Stacey, Geoff and Mark
Commotion kickball defeats #1 Cobra Kai
Nickleback (met @elysia1)
Jax Beach opening parade

Mom and Dad visit Jax
Single Greatest Night honoree kickoff
Girls’ night in Vilano Beach
Kickball pub crawl at the Beaches
Never Quit 5k

Pier Point pool weekends with Jen & Elysia
Secured my personal Facebook URL: (www.facebook.com/laurenbeyer)
Jacksonville Beer Fest with fellow beer snob & friend Justice
Disney’s Animal Kingdom with Tim, Cheryl, Stephanie & Amanda

Pier Point 4th of July with cousin Karl
Klakring countdown begins
Multiple attempts to watch Shuttle launch from Jax Beach pier (saw on CNN instead)
Met Zoe, my CFF ambassador
24 hour movie marathon with @iwearyourshirt and friends
first Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers show
Robbye, Rikki, Kinsey & Kacie visit to welcome Uncle Bud home
Garrett’s Homecoming

My 25th birthday. Quarter-life crisis begins
Kenny Chesney
Fort Worth vacation with the Teagues
Wakeboarding, wake surfing & listening to Toadies @Possum Kingdom Lake
Showed off Oregon in the summertime to Garrett
Climbed a mountain (2 really big hills) at the ranch
Dad’s 50th birthday party in the barn
White Trash Beach Bash for CFF
Midnight shuttle launch viewing party on Jax Beach

Holly visits
Savannah trip for Brew Fest
Beach Olympics ’09
Erin visits
Jekyll Island Shrimp & Grits fest
First Jags (regular season) game — lost to Arizona

Marine Corps Half Marathon with Elysia
Dana & Brandon’s wedding in Flagstaff
Race for the Cure with Jess
Florida-Georgia game with Elysia

World Golf Hall of Fame 09 Induction ceremony
Jax Beach air show
Children’s Miracle Network Classic
Single Greatest Night
Pete’s Bar on Thanksgiving morning
Thanksgiving with Karen, Tim, Cate & Michael
Thanksgiving dinner with Klak friends

Civil War (sad)
Jags beat Texans
Klakring Christmas party
Trail Blazers in Orlando
First real Christmas with Garrett
Fly home on Christmas Day to celebrate with family
Ring in the new decade!

Did I forget anything?
(thanks Elysia for the inspiration to do this!)

2009, Quickly

L*Boogie & H-Izzle explore St. Augustine

I found my video editing software and my Flip cam last weekend and put together this little ditty. In September, the Adventures of L*Boogie and H-Izzle continued with a road trip to St. Augustine, Florida. Here’s a little of what we explored and adventured:

Hint to friends and family: if you visit Jacksonville, we can make videos of fun things too!

L*Boogie & H-Izzle explore St. Augustine