Traveling Thanks

Thankful that after 9 hours of travel, I was 2,000 miles closer to The Presidents Cup. Unfortunately, I’m still 7,952 miles away before boarding the next flight!

I’m also thankful for good seat buddies, clean airport bathrooms and the sleeping aids that will help me pass the next 15 hours of flying.

Talk to you from down under!

PS, I will miss out on 11-11-11 (didn’t plan that very well), so Garrett may be chiming in with his thanks to help this keep going (we were thankful for quality time together this week, so the blog was neglected).

Traveling Thanks

Texas-sized Thanks

Hello from Lake Fork, Texas, where I’m spending the weekend with the Teague ladies, aka the in-laws, on the aptly named “Sisterhood of Shoppers” annual adventure. There are ten of us ladies taking part, and it’s my first time getting to join in. Also it is my first trip to Texas alone (without Garrett) and time to spend together with the matriarchs of my new family (no boys allowed!). One added benefit of flying for the trip is getting to see our nieces and nephews (five!) before and after the mini trip…little nieces give the greatest hugs!

I tell you all of this because it is my thankful theme for today. My own mom warned me to make sure I liked the family of the person I wanted to marry, because in her words, “you don’t just marry one person, you marry the whole family.” Thankfully, Garrett’s family IS wonderful and quickly made me feel like I belonged with them, even before I carried their last name. (Beating my future father-in-law on the golf course when I met him was, in hindsight, a smart (albeit unintentional) move!) I’ll be back in Texas in three weeks, en route from Australia, and will get to spend the day after Thanksgiving with the Teagues (another first!). I warned Garrett that I’ll probably be a zombie that first day back, but I know a few hugs from the little ones, and a rousing game of Mexican Train, will make me feel right at home!

This was a text from me to Garrett, after the second flight of a three-legged cattle call Southwest Air flight about what I was thankful for yesterday…

Thankful that was just a 45 minute flight. Two drunk college kids next to me, cell phones on entire time, personal space invaders.

Texas-sized Thanks

Thanks, take two

Day two of the Give Thanks project almost didn’t happen, but thanks to some encouragement from my husband (and confusion between thankfulness and sarcasm on his end) we’re back for two days straight!

(Clarifier: 30 days of thanks are in no particular order of importance to us, but all are worthy to make the list!)

Today I’m thankful for my iPhone. Before my mom rolls her eyes, let me share a few examples of why. The ability to have so many ways to connect at my fingertips (phone, text, email, tweets, social media, games, photo sharing to name a few), enough knowledge apps to fill my info junkie cravings, and several applications that have become indispensable in my daily life (Google maps, weather, web browser, recipes, camera, music, books etc). Today I even watched All Saints Day mass through iMissal (by CatholicTV) while getting ready for work! Plus, the blogging apps are great for end-of-the-day blogging from bed before I go to sleep.

I’m spoiled with technology, since my job keeps me plugged in more than I even want to be, but the gadgets I use, like my IPhone, have become integral parts of connecting and sharing wherever I am. And for that, I’m thankful!

Thanks, take two

One Day of Thanks

November is a really cool month. Fall is in full swing (as much as it does even here in Florida), the holidays are approaching (but not blaring Christmas music yet), and it’s a great time to reflect on the past year without much worry to new year resolutions or holiday stress. Also, it’s a month for community, as much as any other. Movember (mustaches for prostate cancer awareness) and NaNoWriMo (national novel writing month) are two challenges that growing out of groundswell. Another one in the blogosphere is 30 days of thanks, which I am going to attempt throughout the month. I’ll have to enlist Garrett’s help to complete, but it should be a good exercise for us together.

Without further adieu, here is my first declaration of thanks…

I’m thankful for Jacksonville, they city that I didn’t know where it was exactly, until my first interview with the PGA TOUR happened (though I had some affinity for the Jaguars NFL team long before). On a recent Twitter thread themed “ilovejax” I posted, “#ilovejax I found my dream job and husband here, plus an NFL team to cheer for, beaches to lay on, races to run, @smcjax & great friends!”

On the blog I get more than 140 characters, but I don’t necessarily need them to share my appreciation for a city of my dreams (for what I thought it held) that has become my home and launched a life with my husband that I never dreamed would be a reality. Thank you, Jax.

If you choose to post your days of thanks, or just want to chime in with mine, post in the comments to share!

One Day of Thanks

Suitcase Plans, Take Two

Remember a few weeks ago, when I wrote about how my travel schedule went from zero to hero in a 10-day span?

No? Well then this might trigger a memory…

Why the passport?

There was one trip I didn’t put on that blog post, because I didn’t have the 100% non-refundable plane ticket in my hand yet. But I’m pretty sure they won’t take it away from me now.

Drumroll, please…

In two weeks from today, I’ll be landing in Melbourne, Australia for two weeks for The Presidents Cup. (WOOOO!)  

I’ll be running point on the social media coverage throughout the week, on both the Presidents Cup and PGA TOUR brands. I’m still pinching myself, because it’s an incredibly opportunity and I’m grateful to be added to the tournament team after so much planning has already gone into this event. It’s part of the reason my October has flown by so quickly — even though the PGA TOUR Playoffs completed last month, the strategy and preparation for Presidents Cup has overtaken any free time I may have gained in the (not-so) off-season.

I wouldn’t be doing my job, if I didn’t ask you to follow @PresidentsCup on Twitter and “like” the event on Facebook — but I’ll leave the rest of the work-related items off the blog at this point.

Who has tips, suggestions and friends in/around Melbourne that will come in handy over the two weeks that I’m down under? I extended my trip for a few days after the tournament finishes (runs Nov 15-20) and am hoping to drink wine, hold a koala, take a tour, and get some good runs in while I’m there. I’ll fly back Nov25, the day after Thanksgiving with a stop over in DFW (save me leftovers, Maria!) on my way back to Jax.

I really hope I can keep blogging before I leave, and even a note or two while I’m there (at least pictures!). But in case I don’t, leave a comment here or get in touch to share any tips or stories you have about Australia.

Suitcase Plans, Take Two