Wove, true wove

I don’t often take time to blog. Too busy or just don’t think what I have to say is that interesting. Seeing as how my wife constantly asks me to share and put stuff on our blog it is only fitting that I do it on her birthday and make it about her. Here it goes…

Everyday since I met Lauren at a soccer party my life has been a little better. She helped me get through my last deployment without going crazy. She has supported me in my changing life from Navy to civilian, to college, intern, to full-fledged worker, and now to parenthood.

She amazes me everyday as I watch her with my son. She makes it all look easy and only has a few meltdowns. I’m sure I will continue to be in awe of her as we raise our child and build a family.

I am so lucky or grateful to whatever god/being/karma that has put our paths together.

I love you chica and I always will.

I blogged!

Wove, true wove



Sunday I celebrated 28 years in my wonderful little life. My closest friends in Jax, who I refer to as my “Jax Family”, surprised me with a Sunday Funday at the Lee’s cottage. It was the best kind of birthday-day I could have asked for in Jax…other than the massive thunderstorm that dampened the boat plans! But, like it says…We do fun here!


Futile Fourth

First off, can we make a rule that our National holiday deserves two days off work when it falls mid-week? Having two “Fridays” in no way makes up for the two “Mondays” or the random thoughts I had about attending tomorrow’s mass on the day-off. So screwy!

I grew up in a small town that gets out of its own way for exactly one week a year, around the Fourth of July holiday. There isn’t a rodeo, but our own Buckeroo (and fireworks show!) [with the world’s worst website, or I’d link to it]. And not one Parade, but two…a Kiddie Parade held an evening before the 4th of July Main Street Parade. Add in some dancing, late night pancakes in the park by the VFW and BBQ chicken dinner from the local Catholic church…and it’s a pretty epic week whether you’re six, sixteen, twenty-one or… (well, I haven’t been there since I turned 22 so I’m assuming it continues to be fairly entertaining as one gets older).

As a child, I assumed all towns had parades to celebrate Independence Day, but alas I grew up and moved to Jacksonville, to discover the only parade here is a never-ending stream of bicycles, with passengers displaying various stages of public intoxication, up and down First Street at the Beaches. Not going to lie, it’s pretty entertaining whether you choose to participate on cycle, or by waving from a beach chair at someone’s house party. But now that we’re married and old, our Beach time yesterday was about 30 minutes of grabbing coffee, surveying the scene at the end of Atlanti(c) Blvd, and getting the heck out of there before it got crazy.

Instead, our Fourth “celebrations” consisted of cereal & shakes for breakfast & cleaning the house. A planned movie date nearly went astray when someone (ahem, me) forgot the cinema passes (waited out the next showtime with leftovers for lunch and an episode of Rescue Me)…and then realizing said passes were not accepted on opening weekend of a flick like “Moonlight Kingdom.” (three stars, for those of you keeping score).

Things nearly got crazy when a freak thunderstorm knocked out power while we were attempting to find an open restaurant for dinner, so we met our friends (the Lees) for a traditional third-of-July meal of Greek food. The only true “Fourth” moment of the day? Despite the earlier rain, downtown Jacksonville’s fireworks show went off as planned. Somewhere in the 12 minutes of oohs, ahhs and sparkly showers raining down on the city, it finally felt like the Fourth.

Our viewpoint was somewhere in the bottom left of this picture. Borrowed photo from Downtown Vision, Inc.

After the show, my ringing ears confirmed it…next year, we’re Moo-Town bound!

Futile Fourth

One Day of Thanks

November is a really cool month. Fall is in full swing (as much as it does even here in Florida), the holidays are approaching (but not blaring Christmas music yet), and it’s a great time to reflect on the past year without much worry to new year resolutions or holiday stress. Also, it’s a month for community, as much as any other. Movember (mustaches for prostate cancer awareness) and NaNoWriMo (national novel writing month) are two challenges that growing out of groundswell. Another one in the blogosphere is 30 days of thanks, which I am going to attempt throughout the month. I’ll have to enlist Garrett’s help to complete, but it should be a good exercise for us together.

Without further adieu, here is my first declaration of thanks…

I’m thankful for Jacksonville, they city that I didn’t know where it was exactly, until my first interview with the PGA TOUR happened (though I had some affinity for the Jaguars NFL team long before). On a recent Twitter thread themed “ilovejax” I posted, “#ilovejax I found my dream job and husband here, plus an NFL team to cheer for, beaches to lay on, races to run, @smcjax & great friends!”

On the blog I get more than 140 characters, but I don’t necessarily need them to share my appreciation for a city of my dreams (for what I thought it held) that has become my home and launched a life with my husband that I never dreamed would be a reality. Thank you, Jax.

If you choose to post your days of thanks, or just want to chime in with mine, post in the comments to share!

One Day of Thanks