2009, Quickly

Taking a look back at my 2009 and the experiences that came with…
it was quite the year!

New Years in Fort Worth with the Teagues
Ate black eyed peas for good luck in the new year
Visited Janette in Orlando
Soccer concussion and head wound
Dallas Stars at Tampa Bay
Garrett leaves for six-month deployment on USS Klakring

John Legend with Silverios
Moved into Mirabella with Stacey
Launched Social Media Club Jax
Pirates Run 10k
Valentine roses from Garrett (my first, ever)
Tiger Woods returns to PGA TOUR
Alia visits Jax

Elton John & Billy Joel with sis
Gate River Run 15k
Corn Dog Day party
Tiger wins the Arnold Palmer Inv. on the 18th hole

Running the Blues 5k
Courtney’s bachelorette party
Surprise flower delivery <3
Easter with Mike and Maureen
Verizon Heritage at Hilton Head w/ Stacey, Geoff and Mark
Commotion kickball defeats #1 Cobra Kai
Nickleback (met @elysia1)
Jax Beach opening parade

Mom and Dad visit Jax
Single Greatest Night honoree kickoff
Girls’ night in Vilano Beach
Kickball pub crawl at the Beaches
Never Quit 5k

Pier Point pool weekends with Jen & Elysia
Secured my personal Facebook URL: (www.facebook.com/laurenbeyer)
Jacksonville Beer Fest with fellow beer snob & friend Justice
Disney’s Animal Kingdom with Tim, Cheryl, Stephanie & Amanda

Pier Point 4th of July with cousin Karl
Klakring countdown begins
Multiple attempts to watch Shuttle launch from Jax Beach pier (saw on CNN instead)
Met Zoe, my CFF ambassador
24 hour movie marathon with @iwearyourshirt and friends
first Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers show
Robbye, Rikki, Kinsey & Kacie visit to welcome Uncle Bud home
Garrett’s Homecoming

My 25th birthday. Quarter-life crisis begins
Kenny Chesney
Fort Worth vacation with the Teagues
Wakeboarding, wake surfing & listening to Toadies @Possum Kingdom Lake
Showed off Oregon in the summertime to Garrett
Climbed a mountain (2 really big hills) at the ranch
Dad’s 50th birthday party in the barn
White Trash Beach Bash for CFF
Midnight shuttle launch viewing party on Jax Beach

Holly visits
Savannah trip for Brew Fest
Beach Olympics ’09
Erin visits
Jekyll Island Shrimp & Grits fest
First Jags (regular season) game — lost to Arizona

Marine Corps Half Marathon with Elysia
Dana & Brandon’s wedding in Flagstaff
Race for the Cure with Jess
Florida-Georgia game with Elysia

World Golf Hall of Fame 09 Induction ceremony
Jax Beach air show
Children’s Miracle Network Classic
Single Greatest Night
Pete’s Bar on Thanksgiving morning
Thanksgiving with Karen, Tim, Cate & Michael
Thanksgiving dinner with Klak friends

Civil War (sad)
Jags beat Texans
Klakring Christmas party
Trail Blazers in Orlando
First real Christmas with Garrett
Fly home on Christmas Day to celebrate with family
Ring in the new decade!

Did I forget anything?
(thanks Elysia for the inspiration to do this!)

2009, Quickly

Klakring Countdown: NINE

Update: Due to safety concerns about announcing where US Navy ships are in the world, I had to stop the countdown. But, thankfully, everyone returned home safely.

I’ve waited until this day is almost up, but figured this was too good for me to pass up the chance to do. For the 9th day left in the countdown, I present to you…Mike Modano Day.

Mike Modano is one of my favorite reasons to be a Dallas Stars fan, which I am now thanks to Garrett. I even went to two games this year (which is one more game than I saw of my own Trail Blazers!)

First Stars game - Dec 31, 2008
Stars at Tampa Bay - Jan 09
Stars at Tampa Bay - Jan '09

It’s getting close!

Klakring Countdown: NINE

Klakring Countdown: 20, 19…

I tweeted yesterday’s countdown because I couldn’t get on the blog to post…


My favorite part of the night came later, when I got a phone call from my favorite “cute boy”.

best boyfriend ever

So now the countdown is 19 (or 18 and a wake up, depending on who you ask)…and I’m getting even more excited. Today I got to peek into the homecoming of the USS Stennis (CVN-74) on Twitter and see pictures of the ship pulling in and sailors coming off, which did nothing to quell my excitment and daydreams of experiencing that myself  very soon.

Day 19 is brought to you by the game Cribbage, in which a 19-point hand is impossible to achieve, and the singer Adele, who’s album ’19’ includes one of my favorite songs (and my own dediciation back to G), To Make You Feel My Love. (video below)

Bonus: here’s the YouTube video of the Staind song G told me to listen to (couldn’t find the mp3 to post). Isn’t he sweet?

Klakring Countdown: 20, 19…

Klakring Countdown: 21

Today’s theme: 21st Century Breakdown — a nod to Green Day and the current times we live in.  One of the single titles on GD’s new album is extremely appropriate after 23 weeks of waiting, don’t you think?

Green Day – “Restless Heart Syndrome” (click to listen)

And no, I didn’t forget to continue my countdown…I was just busy with lots of Single Greatest Night for Cystic Fibrosis stuff today. But I wasn’t too busy to keep thinking “only three weeks left” every five seconds throughout the day. Even when someone asked me, “how long until Garrett comes home?”, I answered with a big smile for the first time. What a change from a few weeks ago when I was telling myself that I could get through 8 more weeks alone. Now I’m counting the days to make sure I have enough time to get back to running, buy plane tickets for our trip home, get a haircut and a couple more girls nights in!

Klakring Countdown: 21

Klakring Countdown: 22

According to Wikipedia, the number 22 is significant to many in math, religion and sports (Clyde Drexler and Emmit Smith both wore #22). Today was significant as millions of people around the world watched Michael Jackson’s memorial service from LA. For me though, its just one (stormy) day closer to my guy coming home.

Today’s theme: Singing in the rain, MJ style…proof that you really can find anything on the internet.

Klakring Countdown: 22