5 Reasons Why September Will be a Month We Won’t Forget


This is an update I really should make Garrett write. After all, it is his success that warrants our first blog post of the summer. (Chasing after a one-year old is, in fact, all-consuming). But in fairness, I probably instigated the original discussion that led us down this path, so here it goes…

5 Reasons Why September Will be a Month We Won’t Forget

  1. Garrett has accepted a position of Video Production Specialist, which is the next step for him after an awesome run with JaxParks and the City of Jacksonville.
  2. The new job is in county government, which continues Garrett’s government-employment streak (previously: Navy & City), via Clackamas County.
  3. My hometown (Molalla, Oregon) happens to reside in Clackamas County, along with some of my favorite parts (and people) of Oregon.
  4. Mathias and Garrett will become adopted Oregonians as we leave Jacksonville next month and resettle in the Willamette Valley (the land of milk and honey…and craft beer and marionberries!)
  5. The dreams we have for our family outweigh the dream job I have had these last six years. It’s the right time for the Teagues to go West on our own Oregon Trail.

We are still working out the details, but Garrett will start mid-September after the PGA TOUR’s FedExCup Playoffs conclude. I’m a free agent, open to new opportunities but also the possibility of taking time to find the right next step for me. There’s enough to be done between checking off the Jax Bucket List and saying goodbyes to starting fresh and finding the perfect home on the best coast! 

Coming soon: the “buy our stuff” and “where should we live” posts that accompany any cross-country move. We will keep the blog updated as our zip code changes…and share a few more photos of Tiny Teague too!

5 Reasons Why September Will be a Month We Won’t Forget

A lot of people go to college for 7 years…

…but it only took Garrett three and a half!
Without further adieu, the moment his mother waited 29 years for.

A lot of people go to college for 7 years…

What I Do At Work

Another video I produced and edited while interning at JaxParks.  This is the third one I have done for the Tri-Jax Challenge.  Benji (race director for the Tri-Jax Challenge) and two of his kids worked on their acting skills.  I had a lot of fun encouraging them to act crazy. Surprisingly it did not take much encouragement to get them to jump on their dad or chase him around a field.

Here are the other two videos I helped produce for the triathlon.

You can find more of the videos I have done at http://www.youtube.com/user/friendsofjaxparks?feature=watch


Futile Fourth

First off, can we make a rule that our National holiday deserves two days off work when it falls mid-week? Having two “Fridays” in no way makes up for the two “Mondays” or the random thoughts I had about attending tomorrow’s mass on the day-off. So screwy!

I grew up in a small town that gets out of its own way for exactly one week a year, around the Fourth of July holiday. There isn’t a rodeo, but our own Buckeroo (and fireworks show!) [with the world’s worst website, or I’d link to it]. And not one Parade, but two…a Kiddie Parade held an evening before the 4th of July Main Street Parade. Add in some dancing, late night pancakes in the park by the VFW and BBQ chicken dinner from the local Catholic church…and it’s a pretty epic week whether you’re six, sixteen, twenty-one or… (well, I haven’t been there since I turned 22 so I’m assuming it continues to be fairly entertaining as one gets older).

As a child, I assumed all towns had parades to celebrate Independence Day, but alas I grew up and moved to Jacksonville, to discover the only parade here is a never-ending stream of bicycles, with passengers displaying various stages of public intoxication, up and down First Street at the Beaches. Not going to lie, it’s pretty entertaining whether you choose to participate on cycle, or by waving from a beach chair at someone’s house party. But now that we’re married and old, our Beach time yesterday was about 30 minutes of grabbing coffee, surveying the scene at the end of Atlanti(c) Blvd, and getting the heck out of there before it got crazy.

Instead, our Fourth “celebrations” consisted of cereal & shakes for breakfast & cleaning the house. A planned movie date nearly went astray when someone (ahem, me) forgot the cinema passes (waited out the next showtime with leftovers for lunch and an episode of Rescue Me)…and then realizing said passes were not accepted on opening weekend of a flick like “Moonlight Kingdom.” (three stars, for those of you keeping score).

Things nearly got crazy when a freak thunderstorm knocked out power while we were attempting to find an open restaurant for dinner, so we met our friends (the Lees) for a traditional third-of-July meal of Greek food. The only true “Fourth” moment of the day? Despite the earlier rain, downtown Jacksonville’s fireworks show went off as planned. Somewhere in the 12 minutes of oohs, ahhs and sparkly showers raining down on the city, it finally felt like the Fourth.

Our viewpoint was somewhere in the bottom left of this picture. Borrowed photo from Downtown Vision, Inc.

After the show, my ringing ears confirmed it…next year, we’re Moo-Town bound!

Futile Fourth

September, so far…

Apologies for the delay in posts…which I just realized have lasted through the month of September so far (and here we are halfway through!) The easiest thing to do would be to blame it on an uptick of JU soccer and PGA TOUR Playoffs (for the FedExCup!), which have rearranged our lives like all commitments are prone to doing. I won’t, however, apologize for the uptick in girls night activities with my core group of Jax ladies in the past few weeks…as those just serve to help keep me (and each of us) sane.

It’s funny that the first place I check is my iPhone photo album, to see what I’ve been up to lately. Second place is probably Twitter and/or our foursquare checkin history. Thank goodness for little technology records to help us track where we’ve been and maybe where we’re going…


– Learned I can make a pan of Rice Krispie Treats in 12 minutes or less. Also learned that Rice Krispie Treats don’t ‘cool’ so well in the back of a car on a 90+ degree day, but that soccer players don’t care.

– My buddy Jason was featured on the Today Show for his company, iwearyourshirt.com.  I met Jason at the first Social Media Club interest meeting, just before he launched IWYS, and its been very cool to see him grow his idea into this 24/7, 365 business. It’s not just as easy as wearing a shirt everyday. Click here to watch the Today Show segment

– Our Labor Day plans were pretty non-descript, until I saw a Facebook post from my college friend Erin of her view from her Orlando hotel. A few text messages later, I was en route to O-Town for dinner with Erin and Heath, two of my former NAU Live! colleagues. We enjoyed a great night out with several “where is [this person]” tangents, that ultimately led to the idea of a NAU Live reunion (an actual planned one, with invites and everything!) and re-discovering our former advisor, Dr. Gloria Horning (thank you, Google!).

NAU Live! mini-reunion with Lauren, Erin & Heath

– Labor Day continued the college theme on Saturday with the second soccer team dinner, for midfielders and forwards this time. These guys are predominantly more European, so of course I unleashed my Southern cooking talents for a dinner featuring pulled pork, coleslaw, potato salad and corn on the cob. Despite the cultural differences, I was crowned with two new nicknames: “Mom” and “Best cook in the world.” Needless to say, I prefer the latter…

– College theme continued Sunday, with another JU soccer game (2-0 victory!) followed by after-parties since Monday was a day off. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen 2:30 AM on the clock before bed, especially twice in one weekend (see, Friday night) but it was fun to pretend I belonged back in the college scene again.

– Social Media Club Jax has resumed from its (unplanned) summer hiatus. To kick off fall, we had a happy hour event at TPC Sawgrass where our members unlocked the FedExCup Playoff badge and I answered some questions on how brands like mine work with foursquare to create badge campaigns. I usually shy away from presenting about my work, but it was good for me to stand up and share my experiences with our group.

– What was supposed to be easy and unstructured this past weekend was flipped upside-down when Garrett got the call that his new teammate was en route from Ireland and he needed a place to crash. Enter, Gavin the Irish goal keeper. The poor guy arrived at 11:30 pm after traveling for 21 hours. Add, it was just 75 degrees when we picked him up and the second thing he said to us was “Wow, it’s really hot here.” By the end of the weekend we had spent hours in the sun, taking him to the beach and the Jacksonville Jaguars season opener, and I think he used an entire bottle of SPF 50 sun cream in two days.

Neptune Beach, Florida
September 11th tribute at Jacksonville Jaguars' season opener

– Post-game we had a lovely Irish meal at Culhane’s, where Gavin and one of the owners (one of four sisters from Limerick) had a nice chat. Always good to make connections in town, especially ones that pour the pints!

Gavin gets a taste of home!

– Finally, I have totally broken my Starbucks kick thanks to my awesome espresso machine Garrett gifted me for my birthday. I’ve discovered the best way to start a morning…and it looks something like this:

Breakfast of Champions!

Here’s hoping our anniversary presents to each other are so beloved! (more on that soon)

September, so far…

Come on, Irene

You know you live in Florida…

…when you awake to see hurricane-related items on Facebook like:

(Monday AM)
Tuesday AM

Needless to say, I now “Like” the NOAA NWS National Hurricane Center on Facebook too. (It adds a splash of color to my news feed.)

In four summers of living in North Florida, I’ve avoided hurricane or storm warnings for the most part. There was Tropical Storm Fay in August of ’08, but I learned it wasn’t much worse than a good ol’ Oregon winter wind storm — just in summer with a bit more rain. (Never thought I’d say that in comparison to Oregon!)

Historical note: Hurricane Dora (1964) was the last, and only, storm to hit Jacksonville with hurricane-force strength. And even then, 20,000 people turned out the next day for a Beatles concert…so it couldn’t have been too bad. This Wikipedia note is awesome: The winds were blowing so hard that Ringo Starr’s drumset had to be nailed down to the stage.

Despite yesterday’s assurance that Hurricane Irene was headed straight for us, it looks like she’s going to stay mostly in the Atlantic as she travels up the Florida coastline. Good for us, as we’ll likely get a tropical storm-like beating of rain and wind (think 40-60 mph winds) instead of category two damage. But keep the people of Haiti, Dominican Republic and the Bahamas in your prayers today, and start sending good thoughts for those in South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia who will likely take the brunt of Irene.

Irene's projected path, as of Tuesday noon

Pretty sure I’ll need a kayak to watch the JU mens soccer game vs. UCF that’s scheduled for Friday night, though.

Come on, Irene

Celebrating Craftsmanship — in beer and otherwise

Four words: Urban logging. Craft beer.

Could it get any better for an Oregonian like me? Had to share the video above to show the craftsmanship that benefits many small local businesses around Portland. There is something about working with your own hands to create something that is so appealing to me.

It’s American Craft Beer Week and I’m getting ready to kick it off tonight with a Beer 101 seminar & tasting at Intuition Ale Works, one of my favorite local breweries in Jax.  The Jacksonville Craft & Import Beer Festival (aka BEERFEST) never disappoints, and I’ll be happy to sample as many craft beers as I can and report back on my faves.  (Excited to see Highland Brewing Co from Asheville and my hometown faves Widmer & Rogue this year.)

I’m sure the craft brew celebrations will continue through the weekend at Garrett’s soccer game Saturday (tailgating, anyone?) and possible a trip to Riverside Sunday, for a mini date with G and a pint of Bold City Duke’s Brown Ale.

Wherever you are, I hope you’ll tip back a pint of tasty, colorful, crafty beer goodness (if you’re of age, of course) with me this week to celebrate the craftsmen and women who believe in good beer.

Celebrating Craftsmanship — in beer and otherwise

In Case You Were Wondering…

Since the engagement a couple weeks ago, I’ve been on wedding planning alert, except between the hours of 8-6, Mondays-through-Friday. Some of the things I’m working on are the wedding website (via TheKnot.com), filling up my wedding binder and trying to nail down the important details — which isn’t easy when your Mom is 3,000 miles away on one coast and your fiancé is on a boat in the middle of an ocean somewhere.

One thing that G and I are trying to do is write down the stories of us to share while they’re fresh in our minds. He’s been working on the Proposal story (since my part begins about 3/4 of the way through his!), which I can’t wait to share. First though, we’ll give you a little taste of how we met:

– late July, 2008 –

[G] I had been looking to find a soccer team to play on for the summer but didn’t know anyone around the Jacksonville area so I used craigslist and found a coed team.  About a week after my 23rd birthday I attended a party at the team captain’s house to celebrate the end of the season.
[L] About three months after I moved to Jacksonville (in 2008), I attended a young professional’s happy hour event. The host group, Social Spirits, also supported sports teams in the area rec leagues. I was invited to join the group’s soccer team when the new season started and gladly accepted the offer. The team captain invited me over for a team barbecue so I could meet the team members while they celebrated the end of the season and start of a new one. I didn’t know anyone else who would be there, but figured I had nothing to lose by going. (Best decision of my life)
[G] I think the first time I saw Lauren was when she was in the living room talking to some of the other girls on the team.  I thought she was cute but I wasn’t really trying to hit on her…at first.
[L] I first saw Garrett when he was in the backyard, playing with two little boys. Based on the other introductions I had just made, I assumed the kids were his (there were a few families there) and tried to figure out what girl at the party was with him. Garrett was one of the two cute guys I had noticed at the party, so I was a little bummed until I realized a) the kids weren’t his and b) he was alone at the party. The afternoon barbecue continued late into the night as we all played games and got to know each other.
[G] We soon started talking and flirting as the afternoon turned in night.  As the night came to a close I decided to make a move and go in for the kiss which she completely denied me.  I was undeterred by this and got my kiss in the end.
[L] As the evening went on Garrett and I flirted over board games and switched phone numbers. When he tried to kiss me as the party wound down, I denied him at first…but his crooked smile and cleverness wore me down by the end of the night.
[G] The next day I had duty but I told her I would call which of course I did.  Our second date was extremely romantic…we went to see The Dark Knight at the movie theater after she cooked me dinner!  I held her hand the entire way through and I haven’t wanted to stop since.
[L] The next day I went to mass and said a few extra prayers, asking God to let this guy be one who actually called when he said he would, and to “let me keep him around for awhile.” We had our first date the next night and soon after Garrett’s friends were teasing him that he would end up marrying me. Fast forward 18 months and here we are!
I’ll post the wedding website link on the blog when we’ve added all the important details that we need to share…but in the meantime, if you have any tips on weddings, planning or resources please leave a comment on this post!
In Case You Were Wondering…

2009, Quickly

Taking a look back at my 2009 and the experiences that came with…
it was quite the year!

New Years in Fort Worth with the Teagues
Ate black eyed peas for good luck in the new year
Visited Janette in Orlando
Soccer concussion and head wound
Dallas Stars at Tampa Bay
Garrett leaves for six-month deployment on USS Klakring

John Legend with Silverios
Moved into Mirabella with Stacey
Launched Social Media Club Jax
Pirates Run 10k
Valentine roses from Garrett (my first, ever)
Tiger Woods returns to PGA TOUR
Alia visits Jax

Elton John & Billy Joel with sis
Gate River Run 15k
Corn Dog Day party
Tiger wins the Arnold Palmer Inv. on the 18th hole

Running the Blues 5k
Courtney’s bachelorette party
Surprise flower delivery <3
Easter with Mike and Maureen
Verizon Heritage at Hilton Head w/ Stacey, Geoff and Mark
Commotion kickball defeats #1 Cobra Kai
Nickleback (met @elysia1)
Jax Beach opening parade

Mom and Dad visit Jax
Single Greatest Night honoree kickoff
Girls’ night in Vilano Beach
Kickball pub crawl at the Beaches
Never Quit 5k

Pier Point pool weekends with Jen & Elysia
Secured my personal Facebook URL: (www.facebook.com/laurenbeyer)
Jacksonville Beer Fest with fellow beer snob & friend Justice
Disney’s Animal Kingdom with Tim, Cheryl, Stephanie & Amanda

Pier Point 4th of July with cousin Karl
Klakring countdown begins
Multiple attempts to watch Shuttle launch from Jax Beach pier (saw on CNN instead)
Met Zoe, my CFF ambassador
24 hour movie marathon with @iwearyourshirt and friends
first Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers show
Robbye, Rikki, Kinsey & Kacie visit to welcome Uncle Bud home
Garrett’s Homecoming

My 25th birthday. Quarter-life crisis begins
Kenny Chesney
Fort Worth vacation with the Teagues
Wakeboarding, wake surfing & listening to Toadies @Possum Kingdom Lake
Showed off Oregon in the summertime to Garrett
Climbed a mountain (2 really big hills) at the ranch
Dad’s 50th birthday party in the barn
White Trash Beach Bash for CFF
Midnight shuttle launch viewing party on Jax Beach

Holly visits
Savannah trip for Brew Fest
Beach Olympics ’09
Erin visits
Jekyll Island Shrimp & Grits fest
First Jags (regular season) game — lost to Arizona

Marine Corps Half Marathon with Elysia
Dana & Brandon’s wedding in Flagstaff
Race for the Cure with Jess
Florida-Georgia game with Elysia

World Golf Hall of Fame 09 Induction ceremony
Jax Beach air show
Children’s Miracle Network Classic
Single Greatest Night
Pete’s Bar on Thanksgiving morning
Thanksgiving with Karen, Tim, Cate & Michael
Thanksgiving dinner with Klak friends

Civil War (sad)
Jags beat Texans
Klakring Christmas party
Trail Blazers in Orlando
First real Christmas with Garrett
Fly home on Christmas Day to celebrate with family
Ring in the new decade!

Did I forget anything?
(thanks Elysia for the inspiration to do this!)

2009, Quickly