Happy Father’s Day Poppa

I’ve missed a few Father’s Days since “growing up” in the years after high school, but I don’t remember any of them being as sad for me as this one. For most of today, I’ve caught myself wishing I was home with the fam to celebrate Father’s Day with my dad and my grampa. I miss the big morning hugs from Dad, grabbing coffee after church, getting the family together, big dinners prepared by the Mom’s (more so than the girls, I think we’re only good for setting the table & cleaning up), and (of course) watching the U.S. Open with Grampa, Dad, and uncles Bob and Jim. Even though I tried, my Arbucks-stay after church, phone calls home and watching Tiger in the Open weren’t quite the same on my own.

Happy Father’s Day Dad. You’re my hero and a rock in my life. Every time I hear a sappy country song about dads and their little girls, I wonder if it reminds you of me, too. (I think they probably do). I love you Poppa!

Happy Father’s Day to my Grampa too. If it wasn’t for you, my dream job might have been being a stockbroker or marine biologist instead of working for the PGA TOUR. I love golf because you shared it with me and I wanted to love it like you do. When I met Fred Couples last month, I kept thinking “I used to watch you with my Grampa when I was little, and now I’m here. Wow!”

Also, a big Happy Father’s Day to all my uncles and the father-like figures I’ve had in my life growing up. Thanks for loving me and helping me to become who I am today.

Here are some photos I found of good times with my Dad & I. Think I’ll have to scan photos from the old albums next time I get home to get more!

Dad @ Edinburgh Castle, May 2005

Dad in front of Edinburgh Castle in May 2005 during the “Dad & Daughter backpack through Scotland” trip.

Parents and I at my farewell party

Me and the parents at my Vino Maria’s farewell party in April ’08

In Cabo

Cabo San Lucas, January 2008

Meeting Fred Couples in Ponte Vedra

meeting Fred Couples in St. Augustine before the PLAYERS

Happy Father’s Day Poppa