Front Page and Send-Offs

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Yay! My post, Dream Big Live Big, about the new job with the PGA TOUR and moving cross-country to Florida, has made the WordPress “Travel News” list for the day. Imagine my surprise when I logged into WordPress this morning and saw my face on the front page!

So welcome, everyone, who clicked on from the WordPress site. I hope you like what you see and come back again.

Also, an update for my “Farewell Tour” that starts this weekend and continues on until I actually get on the plane —

My friends in Corvallis are throwing a party tonight at Cloud 9, starting at 9 pm. You can RSVP on Facebook or just plain show up if you’re in the area. If 9 is too late for ya, join me for my last (tear) Crowbar happy hour after work, 5:30 or 6-ish. Last week Obama showed up, so you know it’s a happening crowd!

We’ll be cheering on the Blazers tomorrow night (Sat) at the Rose Garden, and then hitting downtown Portland afterward. If you’re Portland based, get at me and come out for some dancing and fun.

Lastly, the Momma is planning something, probably Vino Maria’s related, for next Friday night (the 4th). Family, friends, wine-lovers and everyone else are welcome. When I know more, I’ll make sure to post it here. I just want to make sure I say goodbye to everyone — my favorite and least-favorite part about leaving town is getting to see lots of friends, but also having to say goodbyes.

Thanks for all the great email notes and well-wishes. Someday I will figure out how to get you to post them here, in the comments, but know that your love and support is much appreciated and reciprocated!

Front Page and Send-Offs

Moving – Everything Must Go!

UPDATE:  I moved to Florida in April 2008. Clearly, everything that was for sale has either been sold or left behind and forgotten about. Enjoy the pics of my former Altima, Nigel, if that’s what you’re here for.

I’m still in pre-packing mode, knowing that I have less than two weeks to move across the country. Don’t ask why. I have to get rid of most of my physical possessions, which is good news for someone needing a bed, kitchen stuff, electronics, etc. See the list below, with links to pictures and reviews for the electronics. You can reply via comments or email me if you see anything you want. (I don’t want to ship anything though.)

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Moving – Everything Must Go!