A Permanent Address

Big things happened this week here in Jacksonville. I found a place to live and the countdown to THE PLAYERS Championship fell under 100 hours. These are the two pieces of information that are taking up nearly every waking moment of my life this week and next.

First, the living situation: After many many Craigslist searches, I finally found a place that was affordable, within 15 minutes of Ponte Vedra Beach, and (most importantly) was available to move in ASAP. I actually moved in tonight, because doing so next week would’ve be too crazy to deal with. The house is owned by a girl who works up at the TPC Clubhouse who I had met on Monday, before I randomly found her Craigslist ad and emailed her. Small world! She has another (girl) roommate in the 3 bed/2 bath cute little house that she owns. She has renovated the house over the last couple years, which is something that I’d also like to do in the future. The only thing that’s missing is that its not on the beach…but ocean is only about 5-7 minutes driving and I’ll be there enough anyways.

I can tell I made a good choice with the new car (still nameless), because everything I own (until massive Target/IKEA sprees) fits into my car, which was surprising. Granted the golf clubs had to ride in the passenger seat, but it did all fit into one load. I packed it and loaded it all up tonight after work and brought it to the new place. I usually hate moving, but I don’t mind the moves that are about 5 miles away and most/all of your stuff is boxed up anyways. Goes much easier that way. I’ve hardly unpacked, but did enough to get out my quilt and a couple pictures and now it feels more like my space.

The PLAYERS Championship golf tournament hits Ponte Vedra Beach and TPC Sawgrass next week. We’re working on lots of different content for the website and pinpointing ways to reach out to fans online who want to feel like they’re here. The PLAYERS is one of the top PGA TOUR tournaments, sometimes called the “5th major” because it’s the one the TOUR puts on and it has the best field in golf (minus Tiger this year, unfortunately). I’ll be doing lots of behind-the-scenes things as part of some experiments on new ways to cover the event and for me to learn what we can do in the future. I’m super-excited and hope to have lots of stories to tell after next week is over.

That’s all from here because I need to get some sleep before the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation walk I’m doing tomorrow with some girls from work. It’s a six-mile walk in the morning, which should be interesting. Don’t think it will be as much elevation change as Portland to Coast, so I should be fine. I just have to remember that if I was golfing, I’d be walking that much anyways plus carrying a 25 pound bag on my back! (PS, I shot a 41 my first time out, Wednesday) If you’d like to make a donation for CFF in support of our team, you can do so at http://www.cff.org/Great_Strides/LaurenBeyer or you can send me a check.

Leave love below, talk to you soon!

A Permanent Address

Name That Car, and I’m Still Alive in Florida

Hello family, friends and followers!

My apologies for delaying and delaying blogging from my new home — it seems that after spending 8+ hours a day at my computer, I don’t have much enthusiasm (or enough hours) to get back on and fulfill my blogging responsibilities. I will get better. Someday 🙂

Life in Jacksonville and as a PGA TOUR employee is pretty amazing. The weather has been mostly gorgeous (it did rain one day–or morning I guess), with more sun than I can soak up [although I tried on Sunday and have a lovely pink forehead to show for it]. It’s like a permanent vacation, between the sun and sand and nightlife. The job is going super well. We’re working full-steam ahead on new initiatives and ideas, but they’re also letting me get my feet wet, meet colleagues and understand the higher level objectives of the dot-com department and TOUR in general. I’m staying with my boss/friend Marcie in her extra bedroom for the time being, and hope to secure a more permanent place to live in the next couple weeks. I’d love to live at the “Beaches” now that I’ve spent some time in Jax Beach, so hopefully that will all be worked out soon.

Big news!! I bought a car! A 2003 Toyota Camry LE, with a V6 for a bit more power. I got it at a really nice place called World Imports here in Jacksonville last week, and have enjoyed breaking him in while figuring out my new surroundings. Here are a few pictures of the car, courtesy of the dealership.

But my new car doesn’t have a name yet, so I need your help. Here are my favorites from what has been suggested so far. Click on your favorite to vote and instantly see the results below.

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Alright kids, that’s all from here for now. I’ll write more later, and try to get all the pics off my camera to share with you. Don’t freeze back home with all that snow (it feels like June here and you’re getting January weather. Crazy!) Miss & love you…

Name That Car, and I’m Still Alive in Florida