When Will Tiny Teague Arrive? Your Guess is as Good as Mine!

We’re counting down the last few days until Tiny Teague makes his debut. Silly me, like most naive new moms I was convinced he’d make an earlier appearance than the doctor scheduled (July 8). Alas, he’s quite content stretching my abdomen as far as it can possibly go.


We have to make these last few days interesting, so I’m starting a baby birthday pool. Place your guess for Tiny Teague’s birthday day & time in the comments. We’ll play Price is Right style (closest without going over) and I’ll come up with some sort of prize after he arrives!

When Will Tiny Teague Arrive? Your Guess is as Good as Mine!

Evolution of a Bump


Time is flying! How is it already March, and the second half of pregnancy? The little man is making his presence known, both externally with the bump, and internally, as he rumbles and pokes me from the inside-out. Even Garrett has been able to feel him a few times, which is so much fun for both of us!

At 22 weeks, I have gained 15 pounds which is right on target according to the growing stack of books I’m reading. I have to remind myself to account for the additional pounds in the gym, and not go for the second kettle bell or heavier medicine ball when doing things like lunges and planks. (Or else my big muscles pay for it, like I am after yesterday’s workout!) I’m also starting to perfect the roll-out-of-bed technique that will certainly come in handy in future months and keeps G entertained in the meantime. Smiles all around at this point (and for my fun new haircut)!



Team Frederick or Team Josephina?

Tiny Teague gets a little more “real” tomorrow. It’s our 20(ish) week appointment, and that means GENDER ultrasound! There wasn’t much debate on if we would find out the baby’s gender during the pregnancy. Garrett really wants to know, and I give in too easily 🙂

The terms of my compromise are that at least one baby will be kept a surprise from us (yes, this means we are planning to have kids, plural). Also, I don’t want to name Tiny Teague until I meet him or her once its born. I want to have at least one secret, even if that means my Jax friends can’t monogram initials on everything ahead of the birth (sorry, LL!) We have a list of names, and after tomorrow’s reveal we’ll only have to work on narrowing down half that list into the coolest initials we can come up with (TNT!), but that’s a topic for another day.

In lieu of a real name for Tiny Teague, we created awesome fake names that we will use for the next 20-or-so weeks: Frederick or Josephina. (Note: Best said in a hilariously awful accent for full effect). As I reassured one skeptical colleague earlier today, these names are just for fun and most likely won’t be anything close to what we decide for the baby’s name.

Just for fun, we wanted to put a poll out there and find out, ARE YOU TEAM FREDERICK OR TEAM JOSEPHINA?

Early tallies from today are two friends for Frederick and one (PGA TOUR player) vote for a Josephina. For the record, I’m on team “healthy baby,” while Garrett is leaning towards Frederick…

So you’re probably wondering how we’ll announce the news. Stay close to our blog, your email or Twitter (@laurentee and @hooligantx). We’re going to post a video on the blog sometime tomorrow, so everyone can find out at the same time. Hint: Subscribe to the blog with your email address (top right of TeagueFC.com) for an email the instant we post the video.

Now that we’re only hours from discovering if Tiny Teague is a Frederick or a Josephina, the whole baby thing is becoming as real as this bump I can’t hide with golf clothes much anymore. Trust me, I tried over the last 10 days at Pebble Beach and Riviera! Here’s the week 19 photo from this morning. Tiny Teague loves travel (or at least doesn’t hate me for five flights in ten days) and has been well-fed in many great California cafeterias and restaurants.

Don’t forget to share your pick for team Frederick and Josephina. We’ll see you tomorrow with the news!!

Team Frederick or Team Josephina?

My Lady Lump

It’s official: I have a bump.


In the past few weeks, I’ve definitely been growing from the belly region, though I haven’t gained much weight yet (only four pounds so far). In Oregon, I was still able to wear leggings under my jeans, but by the time we left Texas the following weekend, I was rocking my new belly band. You know when that really comes in handy? Halfway through dinner when you need to unbutton your pants to finish your plate. (The baby was hungry!)

Fast forward one more week (wk 14+) and I literally didn’t wear a pair of pants this past week without that belly band support. Thank goodness for dresses, since a few will still fit for a while longer. Last night while packing for a week away, I literally tried on every single thing that went around my waist before adding it to the approved pile. Luckily my husband finds this humorous, as it gives him one more thing to make fun of me for. Finally I came to the conclusion that my favorite jeans were going to be too much to be bothered with, and swapped them for my maternity stretch jeans. Holy comfortable! (Yes, I’m wearing them now, in the midst of 10 hours of travel to Palm Springs.)

I get to see my parents on Friday, and I can’t wait to show them my emerging bump (or “lady lump” as Garrett calls it. Cue Fergie…). It’s already so much different than just two and a half weeks ago! More pics to come, but wanted to get these up so the comments can start!

My Lady Lump