5 Reasons Why September Will be a Month We Won’t Forget


This is an update I really should make Garrett write. After all, it is his success that warrants our first blog post of the summer. (Chasing after a one-year old is, in fact, all-consuming). But in fairness, I probably instigated the original discussion that led us down this path, so here it goes…

5 Reasons Why September Will be a Month We Won’t Forget

  1. Garrett has accepted a position of Video Production Specialist, which is the next step for him after an awesome run with JaxParks and the City of Jacksonville.
  2. The new job is in county government, which continues Garrett’s government-employment streak (previously: Navy & City), via Clackamas County.
  3. My hometown (Molalla, Oregon) happens to reside in Clackamas County, along with some of my favorite parts (and people) of Oregon.
  4. Mathias and Garrett will become adopted Oregonians as we leave Jacksonville next month and resettle in the Willamette Valley (the land of milk and honey…and craft beer and marionberries!)
  5. The dreams we have for our family outweigh the dream job I have had these last six years. It’s the right time for the Teagues to go West on our own Oregon Trail.

We are still working out the details, but Garrett will start mid-September after the PGA TOUR’s FedExCup Playoffs conclude. I’m a free agent, open to new opportunities but also the possibility of taking time to find the right next step for me. There’s enough to be done between checking off the Jax Bucket List and saying goodbyes to starting fresh and finding the perfect home on the best coast! 

Coming soon: the “buy our stuff” and “where should we live” posts that accompany any cross-country move. We will keep the blog updated as our zip code changes…and share a few more photos of Tiny Teague too!

5 Reasons Why September Will be a Month We Won’t Forget

Christmas Card 2012 | Extended Version

Clockwise from top left: 1) Cheered with Portland’s “Timbers Army” at FC Dallas in July; 2) Garrett on the field at a Jacksonville Jaguars’ game, shooting video for the City of Jacksonville; 3) Lauren gets blasted with blue in the Color Me Rad 5K in September; 4) Striking the “Thinker” pose in Harvard Yard. Possibly our favorite photo from 2012!

Our Christmas cards should be dropping in a mailbox near you this week, unless the postman was extra speedy this year, and some of you have already seen the 2012 edition. In that case, thanks for checking out the new web address (and look) of our family blog, TeagueFC. We hope you’ll visit often and subscribe to get new posts from me & Garrett. Enter your email address in the box in the top right corner of the homepage, and new posts will be emailed directly to you,

One item I couldn’t fit on this year’s card was the recap of our highlights from the year, but by putting them here, I can also share more photos and links to posts from our favorite moments.

2012 with the Teagues…

Star Watching on NYE

January: Rang in 2012 at the Dallas Stars NYE game with the Teague family. Back in Florida, we played tour guide for Adam & Kirstyn (brother & almost sis-in-law) in Jax and Orlando.

February: Lauren goes 13.1 miles in 28 degree temps with Elysia (Jax BFF) at the “26.2 with Donna,” while Garrett watches from warm places. Lauren also gets in two cross-country trips with visits to Molalla and the Northern Trust Open in L.A (and back to Molalla!), with annual Valentine’s Day pizza making in between.

March: Danced the night away at Brian & Janelle Zipse’s wedding. Crossed Alabama off the travel list by roadtripping across the Florida panhandle to spend a Spring Break weekend with the Teague family in Gulf Shores. Moved just in time to host our annual Corndog Day party in the new house, with roomie Eric.

Beyer Family at Easter

 April: Surprised Mary (Lauren’s mom) on her birthday in Oregon, then enjoyed Easter with the Beyer and Ferrarin families. Garrett leaves the JU Soccer team to focus on rehabbing from sports hernia surgery, then earns his first 4.0 in  college (or…ever?).

May: Garrett starts video production internship at City of Jacksonville Parks & Rec department, but we still make time to cheer for our faves at THE PLAYERS at TPC Sawgrass and the US Mens National Soccer Team vs. Scotland (both in Jax).

June: Spent many weekends on friends Leif & Anne’s boat exploring the St. Johns River and Intracoastal. Lauren finishes the month in Washington D.C. for the AT&T National, and squeezes in an early morning tour at the Pentagon before flying home.

July: Mary, Roy and Garrett takes a turn surprising Lauren in Fort Worth during our annual summer vacation week with the Teague family. With our parents, we visited Possum Kingdom Lake, explored the Stockyards and Fort Worth. Then Garrett & Lauren cheered in the Timbers Army at FC Dallas to celebrate Garrett’s birthday.

August: Lauren hits the road for the PGA TOUR’s FedExCup Playoffs, visiting Bethpage (NY), TPC Boston, Liberty National (NY) & East Lake GC (Atlanta) across five weeks. Garrett is asked to stay on with Parks & Rec as a real (paid!) employee, and starts producing JaxParks TV.

Our "Jax Family" celebrating in Hartford.
Our “Jax Family” celebrating in Hartford.

September: Celebrated the “Szeklefsen” wedding in Hartford, CT with our Jax friends, then explored Boston & Cambridge on Labor Day weekend. Also got a long weekend in Atlanta to visit our friends Russ, Alice, Brian, Marilyn & Elayna.

October: Lauren gets a taste of fall with a week in Oregon that includes crabbing at the coast, quality family & friend time, and helping with chores at the parents’ ranch!

November: Getaway on Thanksgiving weekend with Rick, Robbye, Cameron & Amy at Amelia Island, and witnessed the Jacksonville Jaguars’ first home win (and likely only) of 2012! Much to be thankful for as we approach the end of the year.

December: Christmas time is here again, and with it comes parties, family dinners, movie marathons and a week at each “home,” in Oregon & Fort Worth. We hope to see you on our travels!

Christmas Card 2012 | Extended Version

My first Gate River Run

9 days after the Gate River Run 15K, I actually get around to updating my blog about the race. However, moments after I finished I was posting on Facebook  and Twitter…which goes to show I need to find a way to import more of that stuff onto my blog! 

GRR finish Tweet

My time for the race was 1:33:52. I beat my overall goal of finishing under 1 hour 35 minutes. I would have liked to be closer to a flat 10 min mile pace (was 10:19), but I was pretty happy with that. It’s weird to say now, but the first six miles (hour) flew by for me. I remember most of the steps, but it didn’t feel like it took long to cross that 10K line. 


My race strategy was to run 10-12 minutes at a time, the walk for 1-2 minutes throughout the race. I wasn’t planning on running in packs of curb-to-curb people for the entire time, which made it harder to execute my plan. For example, I took my first walk break on the Main Street bridge, at about 1.6 miles in and feared I would be trampled by the crowd around me. Along the ways I realized it sucked to be walking, even if just for a couple minutes, while people were passing me left and right. I knew, though, that sticking to my strategy would leave me with enough power to get up the Hart Bridge in the 9th mile. I made up for lost time (and earned a ton of roadkill points!) by running the entire way up the bridge. My final mile was actually my fastest (probably thanks to a large downhill portion). Crossing the finish line was awesome, as were the beers we hoisted in celebration afterwards. 


Congrats (belated) to my friends and everyone else who finished the River Run, including Stacey, Katherine, Jason, Cate and Holly. And thanks to all the people who stood along the race route with signs and noisemakers, shouting your encouragement. That really kept me moving (even if I did have to pretend that every cheer was really for me).  

Next up for me (now that my legs don’t feel like cement bags anymore) are the final weeks of training for the Nashville Country Music Half Marathon on April 25th. I did about an hour run (5.5 miles?) this past Saturday and will pick up my running to 4-5 times a week in preparation. I also may run the Navy 10k in a couple weeks. It’d be nice to get one more race in before going to Nashville and I have the Navy to thank (kinda) for getting me running in the first place.

My first Gate River Run

A new kind of challenge

One of my keywords for 2009 is MOVE. I want to get out and have adventures. See things and explore. Get my butt in gear and be active. Do something challenging that I can be proud about. (Ironically, I didn’t necessarily mean pack up my things and move into a new place, but I am next weekend.) 

I’ve never been a runner or even interested in running at any speed for most of my life. My high school and college were both well-regarded for stellar cross country and track teams, so I’m used to being around fast, active people. Last September, I decided I needed a new personal challenge and running became my outlet. I circled the Race for the Cure and the Outback Thanksgiving Day race as two races that I wanted to do, with the ultimate goal of doing a half-marathon. This challenge came at a good time for me, as I needed a distraction while my boyfriend was underway for a couple months with the Navy.  

Using a “Couch to 5K” plan, I worked my way up to the Race for the Cure 5K in about 5 weeks. I broke my goal of 30 minutes, by finishing the race in 29:02. I kept training and also completed the Outback Distance Classic 6K with my friend Stacey, under our goal of 36 minutes (6K=3.6 miles). In just over two months, I went from non-runner to finshing two races. I was kinda hooked!

Outback 6K  Race for the Cure 2008

Outback 6K (with Stacey) and Race for the Cure5k – 2008

Running presents challenges to me that I’ve never faced before. It’s hard. At least for me, since I’ve never ran without a ball in front of me or much more than a mile at a time. It takes dedication. I couldn’t go out and just run miles without putting in the training time. It’s a mental challenge. Running can be boring…especially on a treadmill. I’m just now learning how to push through pain and thoughts of “am I done yet?” (hint: just keep swimming) Now I’m embracing running as a great distraction and stress reliver. 

I’ve set new goals for myself for the first few months of 2009. I will run (and finish!) the Gate River Run 15K here in Jacksonville. This is the biggest race in Jax each year (and the U.S. National Championship for the 15K distance). It’s 9.3 miles through downtown, over 2 bridges and starts & finishes at the Jaguars’ Stadium. I’ll be one of 14,000+ people trying to tackle this distance on March 14th (one month!). If that’s not enough of a challenge, I’m also planning on running in Nashville on April 25th in the Country Music Half Marathon with my virtual running buddy, Kait. Dave Matthews and Jason Mraz play that evening @ Vanderbilt, so that will be part of our motivation to cross the finish line! 

I’ll continue to blog about my workouts and my progress towards the River Run and half marathon.  Yesterday, I set a new personal best by doing 6 miles in 62:20 on the treadmill. By using an adaptation of Hal Higdon’s 15K training schedule, which uses walk breaks during the long runs, I have become a fan of this method. It allows for a little recovery through the workout, lessening chances for injury, and also keeps me mentally engaged throughout the run. 

If you are a runner, spectator, or heckler and have some words of wisdom or encouragement, I’d love to hear them. I’m also looking for new music to add to my iPod for training. I made a great 6K playlist for the Outback run and look forward to doing the same for the River Run. Feel free to leave comments below and let me know what you think. 

MOVE is one of my challenges-resolutions-goals for 2009. What are yours and how are you following through on them?

A new kind of challenge

L*Boogie & H-Izzle explore St. Augustine

I found my video editing software and my Flip cam last weekend and put together this little ditty. In September, the Adventures of L*Boogie and H-Izzle continued with a road trip to St. Augustine, Florida. Here’s a little of what we explored and adventured:

Hint to friends and family: if you visit Jacksonville, we can make videos of fun things too!

L*Boogie & H-Izzle explore St. Augustine

New – New – New

It has been so long since I’ve visited my own blog [much less wrote here] that I forgot what it looked like. So when I came back, I decided to change the look. This is a cool (and free) theme I think fits me a little bit better – good color, better fonts, more personality. What do you think?

Changing my blog’s look isn’t the only new thing in my life right now. I’ve been shaking things up for the last couple months, and I have to say, it’s been quite fun. It’s been five months since I packed up life as I knew it and moved across the country to follow my dreams. I’m getting more used to the perma-vacation life that Florida offers (not that I always take advantage) and am starting to build myself a life here. A summary of what’s new in my life since the summer would have to include:

  • A new political party – I’m a full blown Obama supporter
  • Joining beach volleyball, soccer and kickball teams (fun, except for the back-to-back days!)
  • Getting older (24!) and being able to celebrate back home in Oregon
  • Meeting a fantastic guy who I adore, and happily call my boyfriend
  • Setting a goal of running a 5K this fall, which has since evolved into a half marathon
  • Exploring Florida with adventures to Okefenokee Swamp, Orlando, St. Augustine and Amelia Island (pictures here)

I’ll write about all of these things in more detail soon, and will continue to try to be better about posting things on the blog. I need to stop thinking of it as a “life update” page and instead nurture it to become a place for my thoughts, words, links, photos, videos, blurbs and memories. I can’t promise everything that is posted here will be appropriate or relevant for everyone who reads it, but it will be a reflection of me. Right now, that’s what I need it to be, what I want this place to be.

If you haven’t already, sign up to get my new blog posts sent directly to your email (on the top of the right column) or subscribe via RSS. To leave a comment (or leave love, as I like to say), click on the comments link at the end of the post. It will take you to a form so you can post a comment and say hello.

One more thing…even though I was cheering for Sergio, Paddy and the Europeans in the Ryder Cup all weekend, I am very happy to see the Cup come back to the USA. This weekend’s matches were so much fun to watch — incredible golf from both teams. I think we’ve cemented a few more personalities on the PGA TOUR, which is always a good thing. USA FTW!

New – New – New

Theme Song, please

Kudos to Sarah for posting this where she knew I’d find (and enjoy) it. I first saw it about a month ago, but keep going back for another listen. Substitute *Florida for Vegas in the lyrics and you have my  perfect theme song to describe my recent adventures.

As I listened again, I realized if your name is Sarah insert *San Fran and you’re good to go. Same if your name is Laura (*Portland), Holly (*Seattle), Raechel (*law school), Alia (*Prineville?) and my many other (girl)friends who are celebrating their twentysomethingness by seeking out new places and new adventures. Cheers and love to you all.

Theme Song, please