The Proposal Story

(by Garrett)

 We had been talking about marriage on and off for a couple of months before I decided to take her to the jewelry store. I had no idea what to pick or what she would like, so Lauren and I went “shiny stuff” shopping. After looking at Underwood’s and Miriam’s we got what she would like the most narrowed down. Of course, she had to try on every kind of ring with the most ridiculous diamonds on them. She says it is like playing dress up for an adult. So, after that I told her she was not allowed to come ring shopping with me anymore. Thus, the real search began.

I didn’t start any serious shopping until January, after the holidays. I did spend a lot of time online, looking at forums and diamond shopping guides to diamond scores and bands and settings. When I was finally ready to get back in a jewelry store, I headed to Underwood’s to look for different bands. They only had one that I was kind of interested in and fit the bill.  I had the store call for that band and diamond to be sent over so I could look at it the next couple of days but I would not be buying that one.

It turned out that my buddy Eric was looking for rings at the same time I was. He recommended Miriam’s in San Marco.  I started looking at rings there but didn’t see anything that sent me. Then the lady who was helping me (Kay) pulled out one band I didn’t see and instantly I knew that was it.  They told me the price and I put it back down. After multiple other options I kept going back to the “right one”.

The ring was everything I was looking for but the price had to be lowered to fit in my price range.  They brought out some loose diamonds and I found one that looked spectacular but was just a little smaller.  I texted Eric to let him know I found what I was looking for but I accidentally sent the text “I think I found it” to Lauren.  She was very intrigued to know what I was talking about which caused me to make up some ridiculous story.  I put down some money to have the diamond set and waited to get the call that it was ready.

A couple of days later I received the call and headed down to look at the ring with the new diamond in it.  It was still perfect so I paid my money and headed home.  I made the nervous call to her father that afternoon to ask for his blessing which he gave eventually.  I did not intend to ask her that day but after having the ring and her father’s blessing, I didn’t want to wait.

So, about three hours after talking to her father she came home.  I kept doing little things to hint about it but she wasn’t biting.  Eventually, as we were sitting on our lovely brown couch we started talking about our trip to Dallas soon and how her family was at Cabo at the same time.  She jokingly made the comment that we could just head to Mexico from Texas for about a week since the flight would be cheap.  I responded that we could use that as our honeymoon if we did.  That’s when she said you can’t have a honeymoon without an engagement ring.

This gave me the perfect set up so I slid off the couch while reaching into my jacket pocket and pulled out the ring box.  I opened it up as she looked at me dumbfounded and asked her to marry me.  It took awhile for her to comprehend what was happening but after the shock wore off I got the “yes” I was hoping to hear.

(written for the wedding website in spring 2010)

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