Life List

(by Lauren)

I’ve been inspired to create a list of things I want to do before I die — or, things I want to do that will make life a bit more fun. I know I’ve lived well for my first 20-something years, because there are many things I’ve already checked off — thanks to my parents, the opportunities I’ve had & taken advantage of, and influence from the heavens. I know I might not get to everything I write down, but I’m going to try.

Here’s my list. It’s not 100 things yet, but I will continue to add to it as time, and life, goes by.  Some things on here, I’ve already done — but they’ve had a spot on my list the whole time. If you think there’s something I should do or try, or you like one of my list items, let me know by commenting below or sending me a note.

  1. Swim with dolphins
  2. Dance the Dirty Dancing finale (last scene)
  3. Break par for 18 holes [I’ve done it for 9…]
  4. Hike to Havasupi Falls
  5. Be a sideline reporter at a major sporting event (Twitter counts! )
  6. Visit St. Andrews Golf Club in Scotland
  7. Help someone give back in a major way
  8. Party like a Rock Star.
  9. Hit a hole-in-one
  10. Make a sushi dinner
  11. Drink another pint of Guinness in Ireland
  12. Two step and line dance my way through Nashville
  13. Be a sports reporter
  14. See Garth Brooks in concert
  15. Watch Tiger Woods play in real life 
  16. Tattoo a celtic cross on my body (Husband isn’t fond of this, so he may need to replace it)
  17. Grow my own christmas trees
  18. Buy a stranger dinner or a drink
  19. Share a kiss underneath a beautiful sunset
  20. Help build a house
  21. Visit the Craic Babies in their respective cities
  22. Celebrate Oktoberfest in Munich
  23. Travel to every continent [two down!]
  24. Start my own business
  25. Be a mom
  26. Study abroad
  27. Dream big and reap the benefits
  28. Cox a winning boat in a big or awesome race
  29. Score a soccer hat trick
  30. Watch a Superbowl in person
  31. Travel with Raechel to somewhere one of us has been…
  32. …and somewhere neither of us have been. [Canada? ]
  33. Say confession in an Italian cathedral — St. Peter’s would be cool
  34. Ride in a Venetian gondola with someone who makes me smile
  35. Go on a real shopping spree
  36. Learn Irish
  37. Cook an incredible meal for lots of people, with my mom
  38. Work for, or help set-up, a non-profit foundation
  39. Star in a YouTube video
  40. Meet the President (Obama 3/08, pre-presidency:  )
  41. Live like an Italian for a week √ 
  42. Visit Thailand to see Best
  43. Go to a Manchester United or World Cup soccer game.
  44. Shoot pool at Uptown Billiards in Flagstaff
  45. Cast my vote in a big election
  46. Eat lobster in Massachusetts
  47. Celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  48. Drive along Hwy 101 down the coasts of Oregon & California
  49. Never forget the meaning of my golf ball tattoo
  50. Coach a team
  51. Watch a baseball game at Wrigley Stadium, (old) Yankee Stadium (√) and Fenway Park.
  52. Run the Gate River Run () and a half marathon ()

2 thoughts on “Life List

  1. Janette says:

    So, Lauren, you’ve inspired this “old lady” to get with the program in start a “life list” – I saw The Bucket List a week or so ago, and I don’t want to wait til someone tells me – “It’s almost over” to get going on things!

    So – THANK YOU, my friend. You’ve inspired me, encouraged me, shook me up a little – I’ll be publishing my list as it evolves –

    Thank you. I love you kiddo!

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