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Lauren Teague is a digital strategist who puts social back into social media. She has worked with a range of media startups, non profits, professional sports leagues, teams, and athletes, including seven seasons at the PGA TOUR.

Now she’s part of Convince & Convert consulting, a respected group of advisors led by Jay Baer, who help the world’s most interesting brands improve their social and content marketing efforts.

If you can’t find Lauren in the office, first look on the golf course. She’s working to reclaim her single-digit handicap before one of her three #TinyTeagues beats her to it. 

Real Honest Bio

Lauren Teague has never written a business book, never given a keynote speech to thousands, or shot even par on the golf course (she was one-under through 9 holes, though).

She knows the secret to getting in anywhere is to look and act like you are supposed to be there. She has a habit of getting into places you (and she) wouldn’t expect, like taking quotes in an NBA locker room, and standing on the 1st tee with Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus (at the same time!).
She is an emoji queen (but likes Bitmoji better). She tweets, snaps, posts and “goes live” on the regular, mostly so she can help others do the same. She speaks Millennial, and can translate it too. She always forded the river on the Oregon Trail computer game as a child, and lives 8 miles from the end of the actual Oregon Trail as an adult.
When she’s not on stage, or presenting workshops, or writing social media strategy for clients, she is literally a mini-van driving soccer mom of three kids ages five, three and one. Lauren lives near, but not in, Portland, Oregon because her husband hates traffic. She works from home for Jay Baer and Convince & Convert because she hates long commutes (unless they are by airplane).
Lauren (wo)manned @PGATOUR social media for seven seasons, including the fateful instances of everything that happened to Tiger Woods between 2008 and 2014; Dustin Johnson’s #WhatBunker fiasco at the 2010 PGA Championship, and the American team’s domination of the President’s Cup (2009, 2011, 2013). She once got an earful from Phil Mickelson about his true feelings about social media, but must have made a lasting impact on him, because he finally joined Twitter.
She has traveled in three continents (four if Costa Rica is considered part of South America), lived in two countries, visited 34 American states and 2 Canadian provinces. Even so, her most frequently used passport these days is her McMenamins Ultimate Tripster Passport.
Lauren produced a festival for hundreds of people during the 2017 National Solar Eclipse while 35 weeks pregnant, and then missed most of the actual eclipse because her 4-year old was scared of the dark. Fortunately, she partnered with a 360* video company to capture the the eclipse in VR (and she’ll show it to you if you ask).
Her favorite place to eat in either San Francisco or New York is Twitter HQ, and her favorite thing to eat on the golf course is the chicken biscuit breakfast at Augusta National. She’ll eat anything besides gluten, mushrooms, beets and melons — or things with tentacles. Gross.
Lauren has a slew of unfinished or in progress projects like the Mom Golfs podcast, the Wine Down Weekend outdoor festival, and an Instant Pot cooking show featuring her (adorable) 3-year old daughter. She has been working on the same massive cross-stitch project since a trip to Australia in 2011 and hopes to finish it in the next thirty years.

Lauren Teague would really really like to help you with content, digital and social media strategy, but honestly she’d rather go golfing.

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