Wonder Weeks are for the Babies

I have been at this dad thing for an entire 19 weeks and the thing that sticks with me the most is that your baby changes… constantly.

They are experiencing everything for the first time and developing new skills each days.  It’s awesome and wonderful to see how my little man gets bigger and starts realizing stuff like he has hands… feet… and even crazier… he can control them!  A lot of these new developments come in what has been humorously coined “wonder weeks” by researchers in the Netherlands.  After experiencing a couple of these weeks I am not too fond of the misleading notion of this term.  It makes it sound like a glorious time for everyone involved.  Alas, it may be a wonderful time for your child but the periods of fussiness before and during these weeks will not always have you using those words to describe these times in your life.  Maybe… Exhausted Weeks or Emotional Surprise Weeks or my favorite You Will Have No Idea What Your Baby Wants Week.

So, why am I making such a big deal about this for dads? Well because these new wonders and realizations for your child cause things to change in their brain and how they react to the world which means that technique you use to get your child to sleep… well, it will just piss them off.  Holding him and swaying… oh he hates it now.  Humming and the rocking chair… yup… hates it too.  I have had to figure out on the fly what is going on with Mathias and try to find new ways to help him figure out the world.  It hasn’t always been pretty either and it won’t be for you.  This is the challenge out there for you dads during this lovely time in your child’s life.  Learn to adapt! Try to read all those articles and books your wife will ask you to look at.  Know what is coming… this article breaks down the changes and when they usually occur.  Don’t think for a moment you have it all figured out because your kids like to flip the script on you in a heartbeat.  So, remember wonder weeks are for the babies…

Wonder Weeks are for the Babies

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  1. Saliba says:

    Oh, yeah. Every time you think you’ve got it down, the baby up and changes. Adapt and overcome!

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