Down with the Sickness

Wake up… feed… playtime… get ready for day care… get stuff done… pick up baby… feed… go to sleep.  Throw in eating somewhere in between and you have as normal a day as you can with a little one in the ranks.  As Lauren and I experienced this past weekend… that intricately simplistic equation cannot compute when both the parents are suffering from food poisoning.  Yes… on the weekend I should have been saying “Hooray me for my service” (Veteran’s Day), I was instead finding acceptable receptacles for the food my stomach deemed not worthy to be in my system.

And you know what… Mats could care less.  He still wanted to eat… he still wanted attention… he is still a baby and for all you parents out there, your kids will be no different.  Don’t think like I did that your four month old will cut you some slack.  They pity no fools…

Living in Florida with both our families in other states makes life being sick even harder.  The best I could do was just call my mom for some pity.  She couldn’t come baby me like she did when I was younger!  It was an absolutely awful weekend but does our plight mean you are you just on your own when sick with a kid?

If you’re lucky, only one of you will get sick.  So, first off hope and pray that’s the case.  That way the other one can pick up the slack with baby duty.

If not… try our method.  Make really good friends.  Call in all the IOU’s, show them only photos of your kid smiling, and get them over to bring you some sustenance, to check in on you, or to just hold the baby for 15 minutes while you become way to familiar with the tile on the bathroom.

That’s it… no magic remedies or list to follow.  Know good people, have cute kids, and then you can get down with (and over) the sickness.

Down with the Sickness

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