Six Weeks and Smiles

Mathias blew past the six-week mark of life this week. I still can’t believe how fast that went and its true that our Tiny Teague is quickly becoming not-so-tiny.

In the last week we’ve noticed so many changes with Mats. He’s much more aware of his environment, from sights and sounds to even smells (like those coming from a stinky diaper!). He’s getting really good at following back and forth with his eyes and moving his head from side to side to track an object or our face. He’s using his hands and arms much more actively, but I don’t think he’s quite figured out they are his hands yet. As seen in yesterday’s video post, he’s even stronger in the neck and core and not nearly as floppy as he has been.

By far our favorite new development has been the gorgeous smiles Mats is starting to share. The Internet calls them “social smiles” but we can prompt them in response to tickles, laughs…and even diaper changes!


Mats also loves being outside. We love that too, since the humidity saps his will to wail. We’ve been taking him out in the Bob stroller more and more, in parks and around Atlantic/Neptune beaches. Last night, Garrett started popping (small) wheelies with the stroller and it was a big hit…

Six Weeks and Smiles