Announcing Mathias


Mathias’ birth announcement hit mailboxes in this past week (big check mark off the to-do list!). The back of the card pointed to to follow Mats’ adventures, which Garrett and I will try to be more consistent about sharing. His first five weeks absolutely flew by and I sure didn’t get a chance to write down as many reflections as I had hoped. (His baby book is just as neglected!)

In an attempt to keep you distracted, I should point you to Mats’ newborn photo gallery on Flickr. As you can tell from the announcement, I couldn’t choose two or three photos to share…and there are many more online. Meredith Black did a phenomenal job and I only fear that making prints, books and other photo gear on Shutterfly is going to take over my non-baby hours (its better than Facebook, right?). As an example of playing around with his pictures, here’s a secondary (digital only) version of Mathias’ birth announcement. Enjoy!


Announcing Mathias