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Mathias365_071513Mathias365_071113Mathias365_JulyMathias365_071113-2Mathias365_071213Lovebug at two days old. #tinyteague #newborn
#TinyTeague's first Sunday of life, and he's already a natural at watching #PGATOUR golf!Mathias365_071613Mathias365_071713Mathias365_071813Mathias365_071913Mathias365_072013

Mathias 365, a set on Flickr.

We’re celebrating Mats’ 30th day with the debut of his 365 photo gallery. It’s hard to believe that its already been 30 days since we welcomed Mighty Mathias, and I’m so glad that we have been taking photos of him each day to track all his changes. Already he’s so much different than when he was born, from packing on the pounds (he may be pushing 11 pounds now!) and stretching out to rounding out into a chunky little guy. I swear, this morning Garrett handed him me and he looked completely different to me — even though I had been up with him twice since midnight already!

The goal is to post a photo daily into this Flickr gallery set, though it may be more likely that we’ll post a few days worth of photos every few days instead. Out of the gallery I’ll be regularly posting photos here to the blog to remind you to check out the latest from **Mighty Mathias** (can you hear the theme song tune as you say Might-Y Math-I-as?). The photos are meant to show how he’s growing but also where he goes, who he meets and other milestones across the next 335 days. If you want to bookmark the 365 gallery simply use this link >> <<or add me as a contact on Flickr ( As a bonus, you can see all of his newborn photos on my Flickr page too. (

I hope you enjoy watching Mat’s first year of life, one photo at a time!

Mathias x365