Wove, true wove

I don’t often take time to blog. Too busy or just don’t think what I have to say is that interesting. Seeing as how my wife constantly asks me to share and put stuff on our blog it is only fitting that I do it on her birthday and make it about her. Here it goes…

Everyday since I met Lauren at a soccer party my life has been a little better. She helped me get through my last deployment without going crazy. She has supported me in my changing life from Navy to civilian, to college, intern, to full-fledged worker, and now to parenthood.

She amazes me everyday as I watch her with my son. She makes it all look easy and only has a few meltdowns. I’m sure I will continue to be in awe of her as we raise our child and build a family.

I am so lucky or grateful to whatever god/being/karma that has put our paths together.

I love you chica and I always will.

I blogged!

Wove, true wove

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