Catching up with Lately

Apologies for putting the blog on the back burner the past couple of months. May was our last “crazy” month, starting with Garrett’s final exams and THE PLAYERS Championship (though we did squeeze in time for a quick maternity photo session to capture the baby bump!).

Less than 36 hours after Tiger’s final putt dropped at TPC Sawgrass, Garrett and I were headed west. We flew directly into Central Oregon to spend a week with family. Actually, we saw both sides of our family, as our trip coordinated with Garrett’s parents and Mom2’s stop at the Wine Down Ranch during their Pacific NW road trip. We spent two nights all together at my parents’ place in Prineville before the Teagues continued onto Washington. We (the men) did a little ranch work, Garrett spent time with his two favorite Aussie Shepards and even did a little hiking!

On Friday, Garrett, Mom and I left for the Valley (ranch speak for Portland) for a weekend in celebration of Tiny Teague. On Saturday, my sister Alia and future sister-in-law Kirstyn teamed up to throw a wonderful baby shower full of family and friends. That party was followed by dinner and some needed catch-up-time with a few high school girlfriends. We also had a chance to spend quality time with my grandparents and see Fr. John at St. Patrick’s Church the next day.


Sunday was spent with my Beyer aunts and cousins, again showered with love, advice and presents for Tiny Teague. For the second day in a row, Garrett was the only guy surrounded by gaggles of women and girls, but he enjoyed seeing everyone who came to celebrate with us. We don’t get a lot of family time, so we both try to take advantage of as much as we can. Plus, he’s really good at making sure all the (delicious) food gets eaten!

We were so blessed by the generosity of our family and friends all weekend, and our suitcases were stuffed to the brim heading back to Jacksonville. I actually told myself I wouldn’t blog about the showers until thank you notes were done, which is partly why it’s taken me so long to get back here!

Author’s Note: we’re still waiting on Tiny Teague to decide if he wants to be a Firecracker baby (July 4), Buckeroo baby (still counts if he comes this weekend, right?), or wait for his own day after Nona (grandma Mary) arrives. Cross your fingers for earlier, rather than later!!

Catching up with Lately