Dear Tiny Teague (week 27)

Dear little man,
I’ve been watching for you all day. Early this morning, your dad and I laughed out loud seeing my belly moving with your rolls, kicks and punches. Every week you’ve gotten stronger, and now it seems that every day I get a bigger jab or more activity as soon as you get room to stretch out. Your movements still catch me by surprise and even as I write this I find myself stopping to watch and feel for one more shudder or thump. On this stay-at-home Sunday, I’ve been stopping a lot and watching for you more and more. I don’t get a lot of opportunities to pull up my shirt just to watch my belly, but today I found myself doing it more than ever. At one point I tried to prod you into moving when I had the video ready to roll so I could show your Nonna and Nonnie, but apparently you’re camera shy. I’m sure that is fleeting, knowing what your dad has planned for your home movies…

You’re most active late in the evenings, sometime after I’ve made dinner, ate with your daddy and then collapse on the recliner (leaving him to do all the dishes). Usually that lasts until I reach the bed and try to find a position where both of us are comfortable and can sleep. (That gets more difficult as you keep growing, but I try not to complain.) During the daytime you still prefer when I stand or walk around rather than sitting up or forward. There will be a lot of both this week, as we have to go to Augusta for work. I’m going to try my best to get a badge and walk around the course on a break to make up for the 5-hour drives to and from Jacksonville. We did pretty good together last week driving from Texas to Florida over two days in Dad’s new car, so I’m hoping you’ll put up with me for just a couple more trips.

Even though you’d likely be A-OK if you happened to be born sooner than later, we want to keep you growing on the inside for as long as you can be…or 12 more weeks, whatever comes first! We also need that time to finish getting ready for you, like take a childbirth class, turn Dad’s office into your room, and unbox the presents your family is showering on us. I can’t believe this part of the journey is winding down, with a lifetime of love ahead.

“Freddie’s mom”

Dear Tiny Teague (week 27)

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