Evolution of a Bump


Time is flying! How is it already March, and the second half of pregnancy? The little man is making his presence known, both externally with the bump, and internally, as he rumbles and pokes me from the inside-out. Even Garrett has been able to feel him a few times, which is so much fun for both of us!

At 22 weeks, I have gained 15 pounds which is right on target according to the growing stack of books I’m reading. I have to remind myself to account for the additional pounds in the gym, and not go for the second kettle bell or heavier medicine ball when doing things like lunges and planks. (Or else my big muscles pay for it, like I am after yesterday’s workout!) I’m also starting to perfect the roll-out-of-bed technique that will certainly come in handy in future months and keeps G entertained in the meantime. Smiles all around at this point (and for my fun new haircut)!



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