Whomp, There It Is


At 17 weeks, I can no longer hide the “lady lump”. Tiny Teague is growing and so is his/her home for the next 22-ish weeks. It’s about the length of an iPhone 5 and weighs about 5 ounces, according to most of the pregnancy reading I’ve done.

The Good: I’ve given into the comfort of maternity pants, specifically jeans and leggings. I didn’t even bother packing normal jeans on my trip to Palm Springs a couple weeks ago, and threw in extra dresses for the weekend in Cabo that followed. Belly bands help with dress pants, but I’m starting to opt for more dresses at work and the most comfy clothes I can find outside of working hours. Also, I discovered a dress in my closet works well for a fancy occasion (like a good friends’ wedding!) and hides the bump for a bit longer. Definitely will get a bit more use out of that one in the upcoming months.

The Surprising: I can’t deny the appearance of my baby bump anymore. Any thoughts I had about disguising it with loose clothes or layers went out the window while at DFW last week. I wheeled my suitcase to the luggage belt to recheck my bag to Jacksonville, and the airline attendant was not shy about commenting on my apparently noticeable bump. “Aw, what a cute baby bump” he remarked as he reached for my bag. WHA? The initial shock that someone I didn’t know knew I was pregnant quickly wore off and I immediately was glad (for that guy) that I indeed had a baby bump and not another kind of lady lump. (I know we all have stories about that!)

What’s to Eat? Pretty much over all food aversions at this point, though I’m still staying away from eggs and shrimp when I can. I always opt for acidic foods like pineapple, lemonade, citrus, strawberries and balsamic vinegar whenever possible. I like to say that this baby is growing because of the avocado I ate in massive amounts in Cabo (and again last night — superfood!). Somehow, I always find an extra gear for dessert when its offered, which my Mom and Garrett can both attest to. I’m up seven pounds in 17 weeks and continue to workout at my gym, Atlantic Beach Performance, without too many modifications yet.

Coming Up: The ultrasound to determine if Tiny Teague wears blue or pink is just over two weeks away, on February 14th! We’re already discussing how we want to share the news with family and friends, most likely in a video posted here not long after we find out. I’m totally ready to find out, since it will help me get my brain around the growing to-do list before this little one comes. Also, I’m looking forward to feeling the baby moving soon. I think I have felt it a couple times, but its only happened in a semi-conscious state where I think to myself “that must be what the baby feels like” moments before falling back asleep.


Whomp, There It Is

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  1. Rick says:

    Looks great. Love you and I don’t care what sex it is. You will get double comp’d either way

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