Thirty blessings I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving time…

  1. Faith and the comfort I find in within the peace of the Lord
  2. My husband, how he makes me laugh and takes such good care of me
  3. The Beyer & Ferrarin families back in Oregon that I miss so much! 
  4. The Teague family for embracing me as one of their own
  5. Our “Jacksonville family,” who we have grown to love as if we had known each other forever
  6. Good health and the fitness level I’ve achieved for myself this year 
  7. The PGA TOUR for being my dream job, and then making that dream a reality the last four-and-a-half years
  8. Video calls so I can “hang out” in my mom’s kitchen pretty much anytime I want
  9. Our nieces & nephew, for being my excuse to buy holiday candy and toys! 
  10. Cross-country flights (especially those that get me from here to there in 8 hours or less)
  11. Our roommate, Eric. Its great we’re able to help each other out and share this fantastic house
  12. Being financially comfortable (though we’re working hard to earn it!) 
  13. Four more years
  14. Technology that keeps so many of us connected, even when we’re thousands of miles apart
  15. Laughing babies on YouTube
  16. Clean water and sanitation
  17. Reliable electricity, air conditioning and heat on demand
  18. Girls nights, wine nights, movie marathons and fancy dinner parties
  19. Being able to brag about the Oregon State Beavers football season in SEC country
  20. 28 amazing years of life, and the hopes for a couple more “28 years” before its all over
  21. My grandparents, Mario and Jeanne, for unconditional love, teaching me what’s truly important in life, along with cribbage and how to swear in Italian
  22. Best friends. The kind that can go a month or two without talking, and pick up right where you left off, since a month or two isn’t much over a lifetime
  23. The military men & women who are away from their families at the holidays, whether overseas or standing watch, so our fellow Americans can celebrate in security and peace
  24. The cooking instincts I picked up from my mom. I take for granted knowing I can make a tasty meal or snack (or an entire Thanksgiving feast!) anytime I want
  25. My new Toms shoes, which I’ve worn every day since I got them three days ago. The fleece lining is amazing!
  26. Companies like Toms and the PGA TOUR, who give as much as they get. We should all be so generous to those who need help
  27. Memories of the last ten years…which keep me entertained, but thankful I’m past that point in life! 
  28. Friends across the country that I can call on when I’m nearby, like Annie in Boston, Ashley in L.A., Russ & Alice in Atlanta, and so on… 
  29. Living 10 minutes from the beach…even though I don’t appreciate this nearly as much as I should
  30. The approaching holiday season. It truly is the best time of the year as we get to see our families and friends near and far in the next couple months