One Ski!


Thanks to cooperating weather and accommodating friends Anne & Leif, we hit the waters of the St. Johns River on Sunday for a boating excursion. (A birthday boat ride was planned the weekend before, but the weather did not play along.) I was just along for the ride (no water sports in mind) until Anne declared she was going to try to ski. Watching her, then Adam & Leif, was all the motivation I needed.

One thing that’s different skiing here is that the mouth of St. Johns comes straight from the ocean, so it’s really really salty water, especially when you’ve grown up all your life in fresh water lakes. I’m a total girl about this, and will avoid getting my face wet (at least if I don’t have to). So I slipped into the river off the back of Leif’s boat, put on the two skis and had a good couple runs.

Since my head was now wet (thanks to wake catching and ripping off one ski), I gave a ski back to the boat and continue my summers-long quest (the last 3 years) to get up on one ski. A couple of “which foot goes forward?” trials later, I just stood up (Garrett’s favorite teach-from-the-boat phrase) and actually stayed up for about 30 seconds or so. Of course right after this photo was taken, I took my eyes off the wake for a split second, crashed and burned. But who cares?!

(Well, I did Monday when I woke up with a huge case of whiplash from the face plant…but four days later I can look over my shoulder again.)

Thanks Anne for grabbing the pic. I promise I’ll be as camera ready for you, next time!

One Ski!