No More Jiggle | 2012 LGN

What do we have here? A long overdue post, perhaps? Funny, that never happens on my blog(s). </sarcasm>

Rewind to the start of the (new) year…One+ year as newlyweds led us me into a false “fat and happy” sense of fulfillment. While G had gotten into awesome shape through soccer (before injuries), I was still running entering 5k races and not training, thinking I could “do it myself”. Wrong!

Enter, the “No More Jiggle” plan for 2012. Time to get serious about getting “me” back…and Garrett too (though he has been a bit delayed after sports hernia surgery in December). I returned to my favorite local gym, Atlantic Beach Performance, with a nearly-expired daily-deal (purchased last summer) and a new attitude on making time for me and my body. Between “No More Excuses” on Biggest Loser and the Nike+ campaign to #MakeItCount, I was ready to get my “No More Jiggle” on!

Note: Since I spent a year hooked on “A Year to Ten Percent,” chronicling the journey of my web-friend Peter Shankman, which included his regular posting of photos & stats, I decided I can post my pics and stats online too. Yikes…but here we go.

Starting Stats (Jan30)

  • Weight: 129.2 lbs
  • Body fat percentage: 36.9% (yowzers!)
  • Skeletal muscle percentage: 26.5%
  • Resting metabolism: 124.1
  • BMI: 24.4

…and then just eight weeks after training at ABP with the “Team Training” and “Core Training” classes, usually 3x a week (sometimes four, sometimes two or less depending on my travel schedule). I’ve been  maintaining a gluten-free and overall healthy diet, and gave up all alcohol for Lent, which definitely helped cut out a few thousand unnecessary calories over the past 40+ days.

Top images: One week into training (1st week of Feb)
Bottom images: Nine weeks into training (last week of March)

About a month in, I saw and repinned an inspirational quote on Pinterest that read: “It takes 4 weeks for you to notice your body changing, 8 weeks for your friends and 12 weeks for the rest of the world. Give it 12 weeks. Don’t Quit.” Right about that time, one of the ladies at the gym told me she could see the results of the effort & sweat I was putting in. That was only six weeks in, so I’m beyond hooked now. In nine weeks I’ve dropped over 5% body fat and gained 3% of muscle mass. My resting metabolism is up 2.1 points from where I started. When I’m able to see results on paper and in the mirror, the number on the scale starts to mean very little.

Note how the first three columns are from 2010, when I was in wedding mode. 2012 starts in the fourth column, with results from the first four weeks (Feb22) and nine weeks (Mar30) following.

Coming soon…I’ll update with some measurements that helped me see why my pants are fitting better these days! (and, Garrett has pledged to start blogging again, so that this doesn’t turn into just my random photos & fitness diary)

No More Jiggle | 2012 LGN