Texas-sized Thanks

Hello from Lake Fork, Texas, where I’m spending the weekend with the Teague ladies, aka the in-laws, on the aptly named “Sisterhood of Shoppers” annual adventure. There are ten of us ladies taking part, and it’s my first time getting to join in. Also it is my first trip to Texas alone (without Garrett) and time to spend together with the matriarchs of my new family (no boys allowed!). One added benefit of flying for the trip is getting to see our nieces and nephews (five!) before and after the mini trip…little nieces give the greatest hugs!

I tell you all of this because it is my thankful theme for today. My own mom warned me to make sure I liked the family of the person I wanted to marry, because in her words, “you don’t just marry one person, you marry the whole family.” Thankfully, Garrett’s family IS wonderful and quickly made me feel like I belonged with them, even before I carried their last name. (Beating my future father-in-law on the golf course when I met him was, in hindsight, a smart (albeit unintentional) move!) I’ll be back in Texas in three weeks, en route from Australia, and will get to spend the day after Thanksgiving with the Teagues (another first!). I warned Garrett that I’ll probably be a zombie that first day back, but I know a few hugs from the little ones, and a rousing game of Mexican Train, will make me feel right at home!

This was a text from me to Garrett, after the second flight of a three-legged cattle call Southwest Air flight about what I was thankful for yesterday…

Thankful that was just a 45 minute flight. Two drunk college kids next to me, cell phones on entire time, personal space invaders.

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Texas-sized Thanks