Have Dinner With Us!

Seriously, where did October go?

That may have been the fastest month in the fastest year of my life, so far. I thought time moved quickly when we planned the wedding last year, but this summer/fall has gone into warp speed. Now I’m left spending a Friday night cradling a glass of pinot and trying to recharge for the onslaught that is next week.

But enough about me…how are you??

I made it home to Oregon earlier this month (by home, I usually mean Oregon, sometimes mean Jacksonville and now always mean wherever Garrett is) . It was a bonus weekend trip that I tacked onto a totally unexpected travel week to the Frys.com Open in San Jose, California. It’s wonderful to go home again, even for ~48 hours at a time and I squeezed a lot of hugs and quality time in those two days.

While sitting around the dinner table with my Ferrarin family (in that comatose time between a delicious dinner and breaking out the dessert) , we grabbed the laptop and Skype-d my husband back in Jax so he could “join us” at the table. It took one spin of the laptop around the table to prompt a search for the lazy susan, which made Garrett dizzy and my Grandpa to ask “Is this video live?” (G’s response: “No, I pre-recorded this earlier.”)  The next night, I taught a friend about Facetime with the iPhone 4 (and 4s!) and though we have yet to set a facetime girls night, because the opportunity exists I’m increasingly thankful for how small the world has become.

Moral of the story: Though we live long distances from our families and lots of friends, there is always room at the dinner table for one more (and we won’t cut into the leftovers!).

So here’s how to get us on video, next time you’re curling up with a glass of pinot, sitting down to dinner or just missing either one of us:

SKYPE: @ltbeyer and @g.teague84  (download from Skype.com or a Skype app on your smart phone)
FACETIME: Place a video Facetime call to my cell (iPhone 4 users only) from a wifi connection

Give it a try this weekend — we’d love to hear from you!

Have Dinner With Us!