Suitcase Plans

My year has been pretty quiet travel wise, which has been a relief after last year’s cross-country wedding planning adventures. Outside of quick trips to LA & Oregon back in February, and summer flights to see family in Fort Worth and Molalla, I haven’t tallied many frequent flier miles in 2011.

And how that changes, so quickly…

NOTE…Below is a long version. Here’s my travel itinerary for next 10 days:
Fri-Sun: Savannah, GA with Mom2 Teague, Aunt Robin, and R&R (inlaws)
Mon-Thurs: San Jose/San Martin, CA for Open.
ThursPM-SatPM: OREGON bound!
Sunday: Cursing myself for booking a red-eye to Jax, then trying not to sleep through the JU soccer game.

My view of TOUR Championship winner Bill Haas raising the FedExCup

Last week I made the trip to Atlanta with our PGATOUR.COM team for the TOUR Championship by Coca-Cola — the season-ending event, our Playoffs for the FedExCup finale. I need to pull my pictures off the iPhone and do a post dedicated to the trip, since we did some fun things behind the scenes for PGA TOUR fans. Also, I was introduced to live-band karaoke with “Metalsome Monday”, where I channeled my inner-Alia for all two minutes and thirty seconds it took to wail out Hole’s Celebrity Skin. (I would post the original music video here, but I’m afraid to get the tune stuck in my head for another 24 hours.) Not sure Garrett enjoys me being gone for 5+ nights at a time, but we’ve agreed its payback for those Navy underway days we went through together. At least I can call/text/Skype and email him from the road (instead of the open sea)!

While in Atlanta, the opportunity arose to meet some of the Twitter team next week at the Open and I was chosen to pack my bags to head out west. I’m flying into San Jose on Monday night and will work from the tournament Tuesday through Thursday. So tempted to pack and wear my own Twitter t-shirt (circa 2008), but I think a drive through the Silicon Valley will suffice my geeky alter-ego. Haven’t been to the SF-SV area since I started full-time in social media and web, so I might go all fangirl and geek out (see: insisting we drive to the Facebook office in Prineville, Oregon while nearby in August).

A trip to the Left Coast is never complete without getting a whiff of the clean Oregon air, so I’ll be detouring through Portland on my way home, flying in late Thursday night and leaving late Saturday night. Just long enough to hug my parents, play cribbage at my grandparents’ house, and have an overdue BFF sesh with Rae. You’d be surprised at how much I can squeeze in two days…so if you want to see me in Molalla/Portland next weekend, leave a comment or shoot me a text/email and we’ll try to make it happen.

And if all that wasn’t enough of a whirlwind, Garrett and I are headed to Savannah tomorrow to join the epic Teague-momma road trip. Mom2, Aunt Robin and Robbye (Garrett’s mom) are currently road-tripping around the South (think Graceland, Biltmore, Savannah, etc) and we get to join in time for the Paula Deen tour and dinner, plus whatever else is on Mom2’s list.  So really, today is my last full day in Jacksonville until mid-way through October. I’m buying a new  suitcase!

My travels for 2011 aren’t over, yet. One more big trip coming up in a couple months that I’m not going to talk about until I have a non-refundable plane ticket in hand. How big? I’ll be packing one of these…

Any guesses?

Suitcase Plans

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