Come on, Irene

You know you live in Florida…

…when you awake to see hurricane-related items on Facebook like:

(Monday AM)
Tuesday AM

Needless to say, I now “Like” the NOAA NWS National Hurricane Center on Facebook too. (It adds a splash of color to my news feed.)

In four summers of living in North Florida, I’ve avoided hurricane or storm warnings for the most part. There was Tropical Storm Fay in August of ’08, but I learned it wasn’t much worse than a good ol’ Oregon winter wind storm — just in summer with a bit more rain. (Never thought I’d say that in comparison to Oregon!)

Historical note: Hurricane Dora (1964) was the last, and only, storm to hit Jacksonville with hurricane-force strength. And even then, 20,000 people turned out the next day for a Beatles concert…so it couldn’t have been too bad. This Wikipedia note is awesome: The winds were blowing so hard that Ringo Starr’s drumset had to be nailed down to the stage.

Despite yesterday’s assurance that Hurricane Irene was headed straight for us, it looks like she’s going to stay mostly in the Atlantic as she travels up the Florida coastline. Good for us, as we’ll likely get a tropical storm-like beating of rain and wind (think 40-60 mph winds) instead of category two damage. But keep the people of Haiti, Dominican Republic and the Bahamas in your prayers today, and start sending good thoughts for those in South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia who will likely take the brunt of Irene.

Irene's projected path, as of Tuesday noon

Pretty sure I’ll need a kayak to watch the JU mens soccer game vs. UCF that’s scheduled for Friday night, though.

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Come on, Irene