Welcome to Teague FC!

We’re making a fresh start on the blogosphere, hoping to stay better connected to our friends & family all across the country. Our summer vacations to Texas and Oregon make us wish we could spend more time with all of you and share more of our lives with you. Teague FC is a play on our new little family together (est. 2010), which is centered around our love of sports…specifically golf & soccer (I have the PGA Championship on in the background as I write). “FC” traditionally stands for “football club” in soccer, but here are a couple more acronyms “FC” is also used for, that we liked.

First Class
Family Circle
Foreign Country (somedays Florida does feel like another country)
Fat Chance (ha!)

My old blog, Boogie Blazon, was hard to keep fresh when there are so many other sites and places to connect. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram — I’m looking at you. Its important to me to have a place where all that content comes together, in a way that we have more control over . This way, the conversations don’t get pushed down the newsfeed and disappear into the interwebs forever.  FYI: the blog url has been updated to http://teaguefc.wordpress.com. Adjust your bookmarks, or click the “subscribe” button on top left to get posts sent to you via email!

This blog won’t work without YOU. Please leave us comments share your thoughts and let us know you’re reading. I promise it will help us stay consistent and entertaining with our posts. We’ll mix it up with photos and videos as often as you’ll see longer form stories or posts. I remember writing my weekly emails from college and describing my new experiences away from Molalla, in an effort to stay close to everyone. Fast forward nine years (nine!) and this blog is a hope to recapture that dialogue and feeling of shared experiences, despite the distance.

So, welcome. Click around. Read old posts and new tweets. Check out “Meet the Team” to learn more about either one of us. I’ve kept my old blog as the base for this, so scroll back a few months and see what we’ve been up to.

Most importantly, don’t forget to tell us you’re here!

Welcome to Teague FC!

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