Soccer Tailgate at the JUFC “Save our Sports” game Saturday

Garrett’s summer soccer team is a NPSL team, or basically a regional semi-pro team made up of current & former collegiate and professional soccer players. Jacksonville United plays in a SouthEast league against teams from Tennessee, Georgia & Alabama throughout, though locally it’s tied in with one of the junior soccer clubs, JUFC.

Tomorrow’s home game is a big one, because it’s a charity game for the “Save Our Sports” campaign in Duval County schools. JV high school soccer is on the chopping block, but there’s a groundswell effort in the soccer community to fund raise private dollars to pay for the upcoming season. (Isn’t it funny that the GOP’s push for keeping tax breaks and no new taxes is actually forcing people like you and me to fund what we deem important to society out of our own pocket, under the guise of charity?? But that’s a post for another time…)

JUFC takes on Knoxville Force at Mandarin HS in Jacksonville at 7pm Saturday, the 25th. I’ve been told if the game sells out the 10,000 seat stadium, it would raise enough $$ to fund the JV soccer season for boys and girls next year. I’m not sure if we’ll get 10K people out, but even to get 1,000 would be awesome. I’ve been tweeting about this all week and sent game invites to all of our local friends in Jacksonville. I also decided I needed to practice my tailgating, since the Jacksonville University soccer season is a couple months away, and so too will hopefully be Jaguars NFL games. I’ve never actually thrown a tailgate party (and drive a Camry, sans an actual tailgate), so I’m researching recipes and penciling together a menu I think I can pull together.

If I hit up Costco when it opens and get to cooking not long after, I’ll have about 5-6 hours for the slow cooker, and a couple hours to pull the rest together around my other plans for the day. Here’s what I’m thinking so far.

Did I miss anything? Not sure if I’m trying too hard for my first attempt. Even if it’s just a few of us out tailgating, I think it will be fun to try out a menu that I can pack up and serve in a parking lot with friends. If you want to come out, here’s the link for tickets (or to make a donation to the cause):

Soccer Tailgate at the JUFC “Save our Sports” game Saturday