Celebrating Craftsmanship — in beer and otherwise

Four words: Urban logging. Craft beer.

Could it get any better for an Oregonian like me? Had to share the video above to show the craftsmanship that benefits many small local businesses around Portland. There is something about working with your own hands to create something that is so appealing to me.

It’s American Craft Beer Week and I’m getting ready to kick it off tonight with a Beer 101 seminar & tasting at Intuition Ale Works, one of my favorite local breweries in Jax.  The Jacksonville Craft & Import Beer Festival (aka BEERFEST) never disappoints, and I’ll be happy to sample as many craft beers as I can and report back on my faves.  (Excited to see Highland Brewing Co from Asheville and my hometown faves Widmer & Rogue this year.)

I’m sure the craft brew celebrations will continue through the weekend at Garrett’s soccer game Saturday (tailgating, anyone?) and possible a trip to Riverside Sunday, for a mini date with G and a pint of Bold City Duke’s Brown Ale.

Wherever you are, I hope you’ll tip back a pint of tasty, colorful, crafty beer goodness (if you’re of age, of course) with me this week to celebrate the craftsmen and women who believe in good beer.

Celebrating Craftsmanship — in beer and otherwise