Honeymoon | First Days

the Cliff Notes version…with photos to tell the real story

<SAT> 3.12.11

9.2 miles of Gate River Run
drive six hours
(Atlanta traffic!)
Pizza, Russ & Alice


Only photo from Atlanta

<SUN> 3.13.11

breakfast (The Flying Biscuit)
Marilyn & Elayna

Greenville: lunch, park, photos

Greenville lunch stop
Downtown Greenville, South Carolina
Honeymooners in Greenville

license plate game begins
driving through mountains


suitcase problems (zipper broke)
settling in at downtown condo
DirectTV problems (so begins a week with limited/no TV)

Downtown Condo. Home for the week
View of downtown Asheville from our 3rd story condo

Lobster Trap (two flights down via the condo elevator)
First local brews: Oysterhouse Moonstone Stout & French Broad Wee Heavier

Lobster Trap
First dinner: mussels, lobster pasta, succotash, beer & bread.

Loved each other

Honeymoon | First Days

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