Grove Love

Congrats to my friend Joe and his business partner Ken at Grove, for the write up in the Sunday Oregonian this week. These guys have been getting a lot of love in the interwebs for their products and business, but I’m guessing the ink in the hometown paper was extra special for them.

[Ken] and [Joe] have tried to keep a few things central to their business, which employs 10 people, including their friends and relatives. Five are full-time. Making things in the United States is one. Making the product themselves is another. Selling directly to customers and reducing waste are important, too.  Full Article:

Grove is a Portland company that makes bamboo iPhone (and now iPad!) cases, with custom laser engraving that adds personality and individuality to each case. Joe & Ken are models of young entrepreneurs who start with their passion, find a way to serve consumers, and do it all in a responsible, sustainable way.

iPhone4 version of my case

I was lucky enough to get one of the now-obsolete iPhone 3Gs cases when Grove was just getting started. My design is “Birdland” out of the Artist Series and I can’t remember all of compliments I’ve received from other who have seen my case. Even my opthamologist purchased a Grove case after seeing mine! Check out Grove’s online gallery and Facebook page for great examples of the amazing designs they’ve created for customers.

The Grove product lineup now includes cases for iPhone 4 and the new iPad 2, as well as bamboo wall art. I’ve been in Joe’s studio and can attest to the workmanship of the product and flat out way-cool things he can do with his laser engraver, which acts like a giant printer. One word of warning: I have dropped my phone a handful of times on concrete (cringe!) and have since invested in a bottle of Elmer’s wood glue to keep my bamboo case intact (but the phone has never been damaged!). The Grove teams says to think of a bamboo case like a helmet or artwork, not as something that will survive all falls & drops.

That said, I’m already thinking about what I’m going to want engraved on my iPad2 case…as soon as I convince my husband to let me get the iPad2! (Anyone have a cool design of turtles that I can use?)

Grove Love