Pictures Are Worth 1,000 Words (or so I hope)

Want to try a new project that I can share here on the blog and hopefully be more consistent in my postings. My friend E used to take a picture at 5:25 pm every day (or close to it) to share with her world during 2009. This year she’s been collaborating with a friend on a different daily-photo blog (of which I love to follow along!).

I want to try the photo every day approach, as a way to track what I’m doing and where. My hope is that in addition to sharing visual memories, I’ll also be more inclined to share a story or antcedote most days too. I’ll also be posting these to my Flickr account (link on the right) too those who prefer the gallery style.

To get started, here are a few different photos from the past days, weeks & months that can show what I’ve been up to!

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Pictures Are Worth 1,000 Words (or so I hope)