Looking back to move forward

I’ve been home in Oregon for a full week now. Even though my brain thinks it’s time to go back to Jacksonville, I’m going to enjoy every minute until I fly back Monday. This is probably the longest trip home I’ve had since I moved (coming up on two years ago). Getting away from Florida has been good for me. I enjoy reconnecting with family and friends, breathing clean air and drinking good water, and hitting the reset button to prepare for the new year.

Last January I came up with three words that were my mantras to follow (thanks to the suggestion by Chris Brogan). TIME ~ CONNECT ~ MOVE Having these keywords made it much easier throughout the year to check-in with my goals. I’ll be doing the same thing for 2010, and once I decide what the mantra shall be, I’ll post it here so you can hold me accountable too.

2009 was a year of challenges. But with challenges come great rewards and feelings of accomplishment. Here are a few of my favorites:

TIME: Garrett’s six month deployment…hard for even the most committed of couples, I learned a lot about communication and the difference between big things and little things in a relationship. We also learned that we’re better together and are choosing paths that keep us together for the long run. THE REWARD: That amazing range of emotions I felt on the Homecoming day in July. He was worth waiting for!

MOVE: Becoming a runner…I started running last fall as a distraction and kept it up for most if the year. I completed my first 10k, 15k and half marathon, with a bunch of 5k’s thrown in for good measure. THE REWARD: Tie between crossing the finish line at the Gate River Run 15k and Marine Corps Half, vowing to do both distances again.

CONNECT: Social Media Club…we launched the official Jax group in February and it’s grown into a group of people I truly enjoy to laugh with and learn from. There’s a lot of work to be done, but we’re off to a good start. THE REWARD: Seeing new faces at each event through the year.

Work…it was another year of experiences, growing pains and teaching moments, but I’m better off now than when the year started. It’s still my “dream job.” THE REWARD: Watching Tiger sink the putt on the 18th hole Sunday at Bay Hill to win his first title of ’09. Being there in person was indescribable.

What were your challenges that resulted in rewards you want to build from?

Looking back to move forward