Klakring Countdown: 20, 19…

I tweeted yesterday’s countdown because I couldn’t get on the blog to post…


My favorite part of the night came later, when I got a phone call from my favorite “cute boy”.

best boyfriend ever

So now the countdown is 19 (or 18 and a wake up, depending on who you ask)…and I’m getting even more excited. Today I got to peek into the homecoming of the USS Stennis (CVN-74) on Twitter and see pictures of the ship pulling in and sailors coming off, which did nothing to quell my excitment and daydreams of experiencing that myself  very soon.

Day 19 is brought to you by the game Cribbage, in which a 19-point hand is impossible to achieve, and the singer Adele, who’s album ’19’ includes one of my favorite songs (and my own dediciation back to G), To Make You Feel My Love. (video below)

Bonus: here’s the YouTube video of the Staind song G told me to listen to (couldn’t find the mp3 to post). Isn’t he sweet?

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Klakring Countdown: 20, 19…