Klakring Countdown: 21

Today’s theme: 21st Century Breakdown — a nod to Green Day and the current times we live in.  One of the single titles on GD’s new album is extremely appropriate after 23 weeks of waiting, don’t you think?

Green Day – “Restless Heart Syndrome” (click to listen)

And no, I didn’t forget to continue my countdown…I was just busy with lots of Single Greatest Night for Cystic Fibrosis stuff today. But I wasn’t too busy to keep thinking “only three weeks left” every five seconds throughout the day. Even when someone asked me, “how long until Garrett comes home?”, I answered with a big smile for the first time. What a change from a few weeks ago when I was telling myself that I could get through 8 more weeks alone. Now I’m counting the days to make sure I have enough time to get back to running, buy plane tickets for our trip home, get a haircut and a couple more girls nights in!

Klakring Countdown: 21

2 thoughts on “Klakring Countdown: 21

  1. Sandy says:

    Keep the countdown coming! I miss my “little boy”. Bless all you ladies that have missed your guys for so long. You all have the hardest job in the Navy!

    1. ltbeyer says:

      Sandy – thanks for your comment, it meant a lot to me to read this morning. Is your son on the Klakring or another Navy ship? This is the first time I’ve experienced a deployment, and thankfully it will be the last. The families, wives and girlfriends who go through this for years at a time are amazing to me!.

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