My first Gate River Run

9 days after the Gate River Run 15K, I actually get around to updating my blog about the race. However, moments after I finished I was posting on Facebook  and Twitter…which goes to show I need to find a way to import more of that stuff onto my blog! 

GRR finish Tweet

My time for the race was 1:33:52. I beat my overall goal of finishing under 1 hour 35 minutes. I would have liked to be closer to a flat 10 min mile pace (was 10:19), but I was pretty happy with that. It’s weird to say now, but the first six miles (hour) flew by for me. I remember most of the steps, but it didn’t feel like it took long to cross that 10K line. 


My race strategy was to run 10-12 minutes at a time, the walk for 1-2 minutes throughout the race. I wasn’t planning on running in packs of curb-to-curb people for the entire time, which made it harder to execute my plan. For example, I took my first walk break on the Main Street bridge, at about 1.6 miles in and feared I would be trampled by the crowd around me. Along the ways I realized it sucked to be walking, even if just for a couple minutes, while people were passing me left and right. I knew, though, that sticking to my strategy would leave me with enough power to get up the Hart Bridge in the 9th mile. I made up for lost time (and earned a ton of roadkill points!) by running the entire way up the bridge. My final mile was actually my fastest (probably thanks to a large downhill portion). Crossing the finish line was awesome, as were the beers we hoisted in celebration afterwards. 


Congrats (belated) to my friends and everyone else who finished the River Run, including Stacey, Katherine, Jason, Cate and Holly. And thanks to all the people who stood along the race route with signs and noisemakers, shouting your encouragement. That really kept me moving (even if I did have to pretend that every cheer was really for me).  

Next up for me (now that my legs don’t feel like cement bags anymore) are the final weeks of training for the Nashville Country Music Half Marathon on April 25th. I did about an hour run (5.5 miles?) this past Saturday and will pick up my running to 4-5 times a week in preparation. I also may run the Navy 10k in a couple weeks. It’d be nice to get one more race in before going to Nashville and I have the Navy to thank (kinda) for getting me running in the first place.

My first Gate River Run