Best Moments of 2008: PGA TOUR Highlights Edition

In end of the year spirit, I’m going to try a series of posts titled Best Moments of 2008, recapping the best of what I’ve done and experienced this year. I’m hoping it keeps me entertained enough to get back into blogging mode!If you have any suggestions (themes or actual moments), leave them in the comments.

I don’t just work for the PGA Tour, I’m also a fan!

In the spirit of continuing with the video posts I’ve been adding lately (I can write, I just haven’t), here are my favorite Best of 2008 videos from the PGA Tour’s YouTube channel.

I had a great time re-living some of the highlights from my first season at the TOUR through these Best of ’08 highlights. I also like the features on Sergio Garcia, Anthony Kim and Vijay Singh, each recapping their stellar seasons.

At, many of the staffers wrote about what they’ll remember about 2008. Since my first choice, stalking watching Sergio win the PLAYERS in person, was already spoken for, I wrote about the emergence of Camilo Villegas through the season. I first met, and watched, him during PLAYERS week, and he just got better throughout the season. The editors really polished my story (thanks y’all!) and you can read it here.

Best Moments of 2008: PGA TOUR Highlights Edition