Brandon Roy is my hero

After a super slow (by his standards) for Brandon Roy this season, he broke out some big time magic last night against the Rockets.

I think this is the play that will ignite BRoy’s fire. Say what you want about LaMarcus Aldridge (27pts, 9 boards, 3 blocks) and Greg Oden (still MIA), but this team is Brandon’s first. They go as he goes. Now he’s on…watch out NBA.

Jury’s still out on whether I get tickets for Orlando on Monday night. It’s a long way to go alone to see my team…but I have a feeling I wouldn’t be disappointed, and probably would kick myself if I don’t get there.

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Brandon Roy is my hero

2 thoughts on “Brandon Roy is my hero

  1. I was watching this game with a new friend, hehe. AWESOME! I started jumping up and down and screaming! You should go to Orlando tonight and cheer on our boys! 🙂

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