Here comes Fay

Flashlights – CHECK
Batteries – CHECK
Case of water – CHECK
Good books and magazines on hand – CHECK
Food that doesn’t have to be microwaved – CHECK

Ok, I’m ready for Tropical Storm Fay to pass by Jacksonville. From what I can gather, people aren’t too worried about this storm. I get the feeling it’s equivalent to a really good Oregon winter wind storm. Power outages, downed trees and flooding are what most are concerned with. (Of course, that doesn’t stop the entire city of Jacksonville from shutting down today & tomorrow while some of us still have to work…)

If I get really curious about what the storm is all about, I might venture to the beach to take some pictures/video. But after watching the video below (taken yesterday in Ft. Lauderdale), I think I’ll wait to use my kite board (don’t really have one) and do all other sporting activities until Fay goes away!

I’ll check in as I can, either on the blog, Twitter, Facebook or via text, if anything storm related gets kinda serious or scary. Until then, it’s back to work!

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Here comes Fay