Life without Tiger

The British Open last week was entertaining, given the ever-changing leaderboard (Duval who?), the Force 9 winds and Paddy’s 5 wood on the 71st hole. [Though it would’ve been nice to see Sergio, Phil, Adam Scott and others to have a good showing. Hopefully they’ll emerge in the PGA Championship.]

When I was reading the golf entries on Google Reader today, I came across this video, lamenting the TOUR season without Tiger. Though I don’t agree that golf isn’t worth watching till ’09, I can see why some people do. Take a look for a laugh.
[heavy video=6df6f9a94f04b81aa768c475c28430b3&]

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Life without Tiger

One thought on “Life without Tiger

  1. Rich says:

    What about Greg Norman? How much fun was it to watch him almost win?!? I love watching golf – with or without Tiger.

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