Happy Independence Day

I traded in cowboy boots for bikes and swimsuits for the fourth of July holiday last weekend. For someone used to spending the 4th around the Molalla Buckeroo, it was quite different here at Jax Beach. I spent the afternoon with my roommate Cate at a block party where her friends have a house. There were a ton of house parties down at the beaches and you can ride bikes everywhere going from one to another. There was no official parade, but all the people on bikes were waving and yelling and having good ol’ time.

Later, I met up with my trivia-playing friends Eric and Dale to celebrate with a few beers in Atlantic Beach. Fireworks were awesome to watch over the beach. Had I been paying attention, I would’ve also seen the fireworks from St. Augustine and downtown Jacksonville (but it had been a long day in the sun with many refreshing beverages, so I’ll look for those fireworks next year.) It was definitely a good holiday and I think I’ll be okay with the new traditions.

Did I mention it was 94 degrees and beautiful?

Independence Day

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Happy Independence Day