Golfing with the PGA TOUR

The PGA TOUR’s summer employee golf league starts tonight after work. It’s a chance for all the has-beens to try to show off the game they have left, for new golfers with high handicaps to be highly coveted teammates, and interns to get in some good golf while they’re in Ponte Vedra Beach.

I’m excited to get on the course in a setting that’s fun, but also has a competitive element. I’m on a team with three other dot-com employees, playing a 4-man scramble. We’re all semi-decent players, which means our team handicap will kill us against teams who have two aces and two hacks. No matter, as we’re playing the front side of TPC Sawgrass and I can’t think of anything I’d rather do after work than that.

I did get out on Monday night to play the front side for the first time. I wanted to get a look at the course before playing tonight, and also see how my recent lessons would translate on the course. First hole was terrific — made an easy par. It went downhill from there. The best thing about the round was that I got a lot of bunker practice. Terrible. I’m hoping my swing feels way better than it did on Monday. Too many swing thoughts right now…

I’m going to try to remember to pull the camera out tonight and get some pictures. Really going to try to get a few photo galleries posted here soon to share what life here looks like. Once you see, you’ll wonder why you haven’t booked your plane tickets to visit!

Golfing with the PGA TOUR

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  1. Karyn says:

    Sounds wonderful! I so want to be there! I hope you are having the time of your life, and your work is all you could wish for! Love ya

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