Molalla Farewell Fri-Sat

From the Momma’s Vino Maria’s email:

Well I think Spring might finally be in the air (at least for the rest of this week). So let’s celebrate that along with a couple of other things this weekend.

For those of you who know our family and in particular our oldest daughter Lauren, we are taking this weekend to say goodbye to her. She is embarking on a new adventure that will take her across the US. She just recently accepted a job offer from PGA and will be re-locating to Florida.

She will be at the bar later Friday night and the early part of Saturday night for those who would like to wish her well and find out what she will actually be doing (since her mom still isn’t quite sure). Stop by if you can and say goodbye, she would love to see you all. (Yes, I would!)

Mary is also celebrating her birthday this weekend. Saturday night, 7:00pm, Hank Hirsh & Son will be here to play. They are a Sax & keyboard duo who are absolutely amazing. Since the Sax is one of her favorites, she thought it would be appropriate to have them this weekend.

So, if you’re around Molalla this weekend, please stop by and say hello and goodbye. If you can’t make it to the wine bar, give me a call — I’ll probably stop in at Arrowhead GC, downtown Molalla and other old stomping grounds one last time.

Molalla Farewell Fri-Sat

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  1. KAZ says:

    I like the guest blogger! I’ve been trying to get my mom to post on my blog for the past six months.

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