Off on an Adventure

I write this from the Portland Airport as I embark on a once-in-a-lifetime weekend adventure. I’ve been invited to come check out Ponte Vedra Beach and the PGA Tour Headquarters in Florida. I fly today, meet with people from the PGA tomorrow and fly back Saturday. It’ll be a quick trip, but one I’m super excited about. I’ve never been to the South and think this is just about the best reason I can think of for my first visit. Anyone who has known me since I was ten years-old and in junior golf can understand how thrilled I am about this chance to visit the HQ of an organization I respect and admire. If St. Andrews was my personal holy grail, I’m thinking Sawgrass might be the American-ized version! 🙂  We are boarding now, so I’ll write more (and get pics if I can) soon.

Off on an Adventure

2 thoughts on “Off on an Adventure

  1. I didn’t get to the Stadium course, but we were able to play & walk the back nine of Dye Valley. After my opening double-bogey, my golf muscles started to lose some rust and hit a few good shots. The course is beautiful — water on every hole. A few holes, like 13 and 14, I turned around from the green and admired the architecture and design. I can’t wait to see (and maybe play?) the Stadium course though.

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