A little realization mixed with a lil’ dancing

Tonight, it occured to me why I haven’t been blogging as much as I want to. The answer: I do post a lot of content online each day. I’m an avid Facebooker, tweet regularly, and am constantly Digg-ing or making things I like “del.icio.us”. I just haven’t adapted to posting, or linking to, that content here on my new blog space.

 Here’s an example of what I’ve created today:

  • Wrote & posted upcoming event info for the Young Professionals of Corvallis website, Facebook group/events page and email blast for tomorrow.
  • Google documents regarding the brass|TRC and the b|Student Program.
  • An ongoing list of my public online profiles (at least the ones I can recall off the top of my head)
  • A few FB and MySpace wall posts
  • Accepted a few “links for me” in del.icio.us
  • Dugg a few articles
  • Tweeted and linked to articles throughout the day

Ok, so I guess it’s not as much I was thinking. But throw in 8 hours of work, an hour spent reading with Mt. View Elementary students at SMART, running back and forth to Les Schwab for my car, and a volleyball game (which I’m leaving for quickly), and it makes a day quite busy. When you get busy, according to my favorite TV show, sometimes you just have to “dance it out” —


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A little realization mixed with a lil’ dancing

2 thoughts on “A little realization mixed with a lil’ dancing

  1. […] I have started a local group for my candidate of choice, Barack Obama, and it’s been a pretty cool experience thus far. I’ll spend some time sharing more about that soon, but for now I’ve got to go…got another thing to do…sleep! That’s right. I’m officially on a strict sleeping schedule (and not following it tonight). Sleep, believe it or not, is keeping me busy. Luckily, (when I get it) it’s also keeping me sane.  And thanks to L-Boogie for prompting me to post tonight with her great little update. […]

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